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Hi all,


I am looking to set up something that leverages either Power Automate or PowerShell scripting to send an email out to an address when the total tenant storage reaches a certain level.  I did find this:  Tenant Storage Alert : sharepoint ( which when attempting to import fails, I figure I am going to have to edit the flow in a text editor to make that work.  I also found this: SharePoint Online: PS Script to configure the Quota Warning value for all the site collections - Mic... but what that appears to do is require credentials in clear text, which is sub-optimal, and doesn't meet the standard of modern authentication.


I know how to set individual site collection size quotas, but that is not what the client wants, there are many site collections inside of the tenant, and I just want to have an automated email get sent out when the total tenant consumption reaches 94 percent (or something close) to it so that we don't have a situation where it goes into read-only mode.


Please advise as to what you think is the best way of doing this.

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Hi @mpacher415!

I usually monitore it PowerBi, ( tyGraph for Sharepoint ). See screenshot below.
It provides you all the required information, ( and much more ). I guess, if this isn't enough, that should not be very complicated to setup an alert from there for that connector, ( PowerAutomate ).

Anyway, as per the following article, the Global Admin should receive an email once Sharepoint Online storage is reaching his limit:


BTW: The PowerBi connector is free and works pretty good. It has also a lot of documentation about it.




@FcoManigrasso Thanks, I really appreciate that, but that requires a change control in this environment that may be unable to be made.  I will certainly consider it.



You say there is a lot of documentation about it. I am struggling to find anything useful to even begin setting it up after adding the tyGraph tool to PowerBi.

At the top of the tool there is a connect to your data link with no explanation on what to do and a useless link.

Does anyone know of set up tutorial or full instructions?


Here you'll find useful information about tyGraph: tyGraph for SharePoint - Product Guide : Support