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Hi there, 

Maybe this is a simple question and i'm blind from looking through settings :) 

On our companies sharepoint site(landing page) we have a news web part, this web part gathers news from all the different subsites on our site, and this works great. 

However, i have notices that when SP counts the news in just shows the total number of views of a news article, and not the total amount of unique views, meaning that if I as one person go back and forth between a newws article it will keep counting me as another view instead of recognising that I have already seen this news item. 

Does anyone know of a need way to do this? :) 

BR Tobi

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Basically the only thing you can do out of box is hide the view count. This is something rolling out and is new if you don’t see it yet. But basically you can’t change the logic behind it without creating your own web part.

@Chris Webb Is there a location to see which user has viewed that item?