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Hello everyone,

My new list uses a multiple filter on person/group column so users can see only permitted rows.

Now all of a sudden "Clear filters" button appear that completely ruins my goal on the list.

It's not possible to use only "Users only see their created rows" as some request can contain multiple person as reviewer.

How can I remove "Clear filters" button.

I read this is a new feature but I think there should be enabling and disabling option for this.

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@GomboKh Yes, this is a new feature for SharePoint and Microsoft Lists currently being rolled out by Microsoft.


Unfortunately, currently there is no option for enabling or disabling this feature.


See more details about this in below threads:

  1. List of filters and 'Clear Filters' button shown in SharePoint List View below the list name 
  2. How to hide the applied filters at document library? 

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Hi @GomboKh;

perhaps this is a workaround for you:

These filters are not visible if

  • you create a new site page , 
  • add a "Document Library" webpart there and
  • switch that webpart to use your view.
  • Now redirect your users to that site page instead of your view.

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@SvenSieverding Thanks for the suggestion it works just fine.
But I hope Microsoft makes the new Filter Pill feature optional in coming updates or at least give us a chance to hide button through JSON formatting.
I can confirm Microsoft started to roll out an adjustment for this feature (checked it on multiple tenants):
The clear filter option is only visible if you have Edit permission or above on the library/list.