My PowerPoint document properties keep reverting when I save the file

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My PowerPoint document properties keep reverting when I save the file
I am experience a strange issue. I am on SharePoint online and I have a SharePoint library with several columns to that I update the document metadata/properties (manually or by a power automate flow).

However from today for some reason, after I have updated the document metadata/properties, if I open the file and let it auto-save or even if I do change something in it and save it, all the recent metadata/properties gets wiped and those that remain get overwritten with the default/previous old values.

Through investigating this, I am pretty sure it isn't being caused by a rouge power automate flow as I turned them all off and it still did it. I think it has retained a value on the actual PowerPoint file property and this is what overwrites what's been updated on the column on the SharePoint library. This happens immediately after saving.

Any help to resolve this? As I need the updated columns to remain as they are unless changed either manually or by a flow.


I am using:

SharePoint Online

Office 365

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Hi, I hope you are well,
I think this will do.

Click File > Info to view the Properties section on the Info tab.

Click Show Details.

Edit the property value in the metadata web dialog box. This dialog box is the same as the metadata web dialog box in the Microsoft SharePoint web user interface.

Click OK to save your changes to the property.
No, The scenario is as follows:

1. I created a document and uploaded to SharePoint and updated Metadata/field named "Status" to Pending.
2. From SharePoint I opened the file in desktop application, did some modification in the file content and saved it. No modification were done in Metadata fields of the document.
3. I started a flow which updated the "Status" field to Approved.
4. Again from SharePoint I opened the file in desktop application, did some modifications in the file content but no modification were done in Metadata fields of the document and saved it. Here the problem started, when I saved the file it reverted "Status" field value to Pending. This should not happen.
1. Please confirm what other 'Status' field values are possible, aside from "Pending" and "Approved", 2. Are you using Set Content Approval Status action in PowerAutomate?
3. Is approval required by the SharePoint library the file is stored in?

@Dharam1 We are having a similar issue (started 28/10/2022). Did you find any resolution to this? 


Below is answer to your questions:

1. Not Started, "Pending", "Approved" and Rejected

2. Are you using Set Content Approval Status action in PowerAutomate? No
3. Is approval required by the SharePoint library the file is stored in? No

No Mark but can you please post your exact issue here?
Check if this helps:

In the application (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) > File > Options > Save:

• Click on 'Delete cached files'
• Check ‘Delete files from the office document cache when they are closed’

@Dharam1 You've encountered a peculiar issue where the document properties or metadata columns in a SharePoint Online library are reverting to their previous values after saving the file from the desktop application, in this case, PowerPoint.


Despite updating the metadata through Power Automate flows or manually in SharePoint, the values revert to their old or default state as soon as you open the file, make content changes, and save it back to the SharePoint library. To address this unexpected behavior, I will initiate a comprehensive troubleshooting process.


First, I'll clear the Office application cache within PowerPoint by navigating to File > Options > Save, clicking "Delete cached files," and enabling the option to "Delete files from the Office document cache when they are closed." This step aims to eliminate any cached data that could potentially cause conflicts. Next, I'll verify that the SharePoint library hosting these files does not have any content approval requirements or workflows enabled, as such settings could interfere with the metadata updates. If any such configurations are found, I'll work on disabling or modifying them accordingly. Simultaneously, I'll temporarily disable or pause any other Power Automate flows or processes that might be modifying the document properties or metadata.


This isolation step will help identify potential conflicts or interactions causing the issue. Throughout this process, I'll closely monitor the Microsoft 365 message center and known issues pages for any acknowledged problems or updates related to document properties or metadata in SharePoint Online. If any relevant information surfaces, I'll promptly incorporate it into my troubleshooting approach. Should the issue persist after exhausting these initial steps, I'll escalate the case to Microsoft Support. I'll provide them with a comprehensive report detailing the issue, steps to reproduce it, any error messages encountered, and the specific SharePoint Online and Office versions being used.


Their expertise and access to additional resources may be crucial in identifying and resolving this intricate problem. Rest assured, I'll maintain open communication with you and your team, providing regular updates on the progress and any additional troubleshooting steps or recommendations. If you have any other specific details, observations, or changes in the environment that could aid in narrowing down the root cause, please share them promptly.


My goal is to ensure a timely and effective resolution, restoring the expected behavior of document metadata persistence within your SharePoint Online environment.