Create turnaround time reports based off of date columns and actions

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I am new to SharePoint, PowerBI, PowerApps, etc.  I apologize in advance if 1. These questions have been asked in a previous post or 2. so basic I should have picked it up in all the manual pages I have already read or YouTube tutorials I have seen.   Apologies, many apologies.


Question 1.


Is it possible to create a turnaround time report from a SharePoint list based dates in columns and the time and date certain selections are made in other columns.  For example, when a line item is complete, the user will select a choice pill, and I would like to use that date and time that selection was made, to compare against other dates in the SharePoint list, some manually entered and other metadata if I can get at it. 

If I cannot find that data, I was thinking of creating a column that is automatically populated when the choice pill is selected.  And then using those date columns to create reports.  But that may require many columns that I would need to hide, then show for reporting, etc.  Hoping for a better way?  I have tried this and creating the column works, but I had to separate out the column auto population and corresponding email notification in Power Automate because I received about 1000000 emails but that was most likely due to how I set up the flow.


Question 2

In PowerFx, see below.  This PowerApp is connected to a Sharepoint List.  Side question is I have no idea why the colAttachTags collection I have created is not being created, same for colAttachments.  I got it to work once or twice but never again.  If you see anything please let me know.






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