Access to a Sharepoint page for Anonymous users

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Hi All,


Can I give access to anonymous users to a particular page on my Sharepoint site keeping all the other pages secure?


Please help!

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In theory you can send a link to one page specifically and anyone with that link would be able to view that page. any secured content on that page they wouldn't see. 


Just share the page and change the link type to "Anyone with the link" .    I wouldn't be too fond of doing this as I wouldn't know who is accessing the page once I sent out the link. 

Hi @Andrew Hodges 


Thanks for this! I cant seem to find the "Anyone with the link". Where about would I find this?


It's for parents this link would be for. We want to minimise them doing a lot for instance login in. There will be no sensitive data on this page. 


Thanks Again



If your admin have allowed you to send anonymous links then:-


Site Settings(cog) -> Site Contents -> Site Pages - > select the page -> share icon - click the default sharing link option for further options:-





Hi @Andrew Hodges 


I am a global admin and have access to change the setting to give me the capability to see the "Anyone with this link". So how would I allow this ? 





1) New SharePoint Admin Centre

2) Policies

3) Sharing

@Andrew Hodges 


I have allowed this setting but still I get this: Screenshot 2020-03-05 at 4.01.41 PM.png


Its still greyed out



There is Sharing setting on the site too.   Find the site n the SharePoint Admin centre and hit the sharing options in the header of the list. 

To follow up on the page. Any photos or other items on that page can be shared anonymous links too and those links added as the links on the page to add some things still to the page to make it look better such as the page banner etc.

Hi @Andrew Hodges @Chris Webb 


Im pretty new to sharepoint so I'm sorry for these questions. I have tried going into the Sharepoint admin centre then policies - sharing. 


Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 9.05.22 AM.png


I have allowed this to anyone but I see this only states it gives access to files and folders rather than a page? 


Please help!

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A page is nothing more than an aspx file in a library. It works the same. you also have to go to the active sites tab list and select the site you want to share from and update sharing on that site as well.

Hi @Chris Webb , 


I have ran into the next issue! Im getting this message when I give an anonymous user the link for the page all my tiles don't show up!


Screenshot 2020-03-09 at 4.37.25 PM.png


Can you help please

This is a list that you can’t share anonymously.

Hi @Chris Webb,


So theres no way to have the promoted link tiles to bae shared anonymously? 


No work around? 


These promoted link tiles sit on a wiki page. 



No because you can't share a list anonymously, only individual items, and that's not a modern page type, so there are no exceptions there either.

@Chris Webb 


Can you have a document library shared which lives on a modern page?

No. You can only share at the item level permissions, which is folder or document / list item.

@Chris Webb I'd like for my anonymous sharepoint 2019 users to be able to click on an event on a modern page and see the details of that event.  

Hi, I'm looking for a solution to this. Need to share a specific .aspx Sharepoint page anonymously.
Sharepoint Online tenant settings are set as most permissive (Anyone links are allowed), and the same setting (Anyone with the link) is set for the particular site.
"Anyone" links are still not allowed and is greyed out when trying to share a page (Your org is preventing you from selecting this option).
Sites collection feature "Limited-access user permission lockdown mode" is NOT ACTIVE.
The same behavior is visible on modern communication sites or classic sites.

The same applies to another tenant I have, with the same config. This seems to me more like something MSFT block by design.

Any ideas, please?