Employment Verification endless loop of rejection. and cycle

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We are stuck in this process like many other.   We have major Apps showing unverified now with Major US Business, DOT and governmental agencies.   


We have supplied Invoices from AWS, ICANN, Registrar's and others and still rejected.   Is there a way to actually work with a staff member to fix this issue.   We, and the MS Partner Program looks pretty bad in our case. 

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What responses are they sending with your rejection? Maybe I can help you figure out what needs to be updated so you can get verified? I am not part of support or the verification team, so I don't have access to their records/cases to look anything up on your behalf.

Have you submitted a support ticket yet?
This was resolved they didn't send any response with the rejection. Opening a ticket with Microsoft was what helped it along. Thanks though.
Glad to hear this!!! Thanks for letting me know, sorry it was a rough process for you.


I have same problem.My application was rejected again and agin.Last time they requested:"Please provide additional document(s) dated within the past 12 months to verify your organization.... they wanted me to upload "Government issued letter, license, registration, or certificate" I have got from authorities here in Germany couple of days ago,uploaded document and soon therafter I have got response "Thank you for your interest in becoming a Microsoft partner. Unfortunately we are unable to approve your application with the documentation provided.".There is no other explanation.In my Email I have got: "We’re unable to verify your profile information and give you full access to Partner Center.

After several unsuccessful attempts to verify your information, we’ve ended the verification process. No further action will be taken on this profile verification.

Failure to complete the verification process within 30 days may result in termination of your relationship with Microsoft." I have a filling that is a bug in the programmby uploading my documentations.Whatever I do always same response.I am slowly giving up.

Could you advise me ,how to open the support ticket?That is the only hope left for me.Is it from the admin center?Thank you



Open the ticket via Admin center, and if you do have the Partner center available, open one there also.   I did post to MSFT Partner center on X, but I'm pretty sure that didn't do anything.  

@Boris2015 sorry to hear of this. You can submit a support ticket here:


Partner Support


 Despite multiple attempts, I find my application is rejected at the employment verification stage with no clear indication of what the problem might be or how to resolve it. 

Unfortunately, there are no error messages or notifications to guide me on what might be causing the issue. I have also contacted Microsoft Partner support, but I am yet to receive a response.

Now team reply me "As per Standards Review, the documents you have provided are not sufficient to complete the verification process".    

I provided the domain invoice and all required documents with all the required criteria but it still gets rejected.

Now I am seeking the support from your side for resolution.




Im also stucked in the same loop like you i have created more then 3 tickets and now they gave me the same response, it is a frustrating process, support is terrible can anyone help us with that please? im trying to enroll in csp but unable to do so please someone help us.