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We have 4 email accounts that end in *name.onmicrosoft.com that is used for teams account. When we forward a meeting invite to those accounts, it automatically gets sent to trash folder. We looked at setting on outlook.com but can't seem to get it to stay in inbox. Kind of lost where to look next. 


Would there be a setting in our microsoft365 account or azure account that we could check for?

send and receiving emails works as it should but its only when we forward an invite to those address, it automatically gets deleted.


any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi @Paul_Kim4357,

here are some possible solutions to consider:

  1. Verify if the Ignore feature is activated:
    The Ignore feature in Outlook might be causing this behavior, as it can move messages to the Deleted folder. To check if it's on, go to the Deleted folder, locate the message, and click 'Ignore' in the Delete section on the Home tab. If prompted, click 'Stop Ignoring Conversation'.



  2. Review Outlook rules:
    Outlook rules can also automatically move certain emails to the Deleted folder. To inspect your rules, right-click any message in your Inbox, choose 'Rules,' and click 'Create Rules.' Ensure that none of your rules have 'Move the item to a folder' checked, as this could be causing the problem.

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