OneDrive Syncing Recovery (Deleted files)

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Hi everyone. So here is my problem. I've logged in to my work one drive in my laptop and synced it. A pop-up messaged said if I wanted to copy my personal files as well. Reading "copy", I clicked okay. So it copied my personal files in my work OneDrive. And then I thought, wait this are my personal files, it shouldn't be in here. So I deleted it without it syncing in my work folder yet. And when I minimized the tab, all the files on my desktop are gone. Literally gone. It said copy, it didn't say "move". I've search in my recycle bin and I didn't find anything. I looked in my OneDrive recycle bin as well, all it could recover was folders but no files. I'm so devastated, so I asked a friend of mine to recover them for me. But no luck. I don't know how to recover my file... Can someone please help me? Thank you.

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Firstly, I would suggest checking if the files are available in the OneDrive cloud storage website. Sometimes, when files are deleted from the local drive, they may still be available on the cloud storage website.


If they are available, the user can download them and move them back to their desktop.

If the files are not available on the OneDrive cloud storage website, the next step would be to use a recycle bin recovery software to attempt to recover the deleted files.


There are many data recovery software options available, both paid and free, which can be used to scan the computer's hard drive and attempt to recover the deleted files. However, the success rate of data recovery depends on various factors, such as the extent of data fragmentation, overwriting of data, and the time elapsed since the files were deleted.