OneDrive Syncing Recovery (Deleted files)

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Hi everyone. So here is my problem. I've logged in to my work one drive in my laptop and synced it. A pop-up messaged said if I wanted to copy my personal files as well. Reading "copy", I clicked okay. So it copied my personal files in my work OneDrive. And then I thought, wait this are my personal files, it shouldn't be in here. So I deleted it without it syncing in my work folder yet. And when I minimized the tab, all the files on my desktop are gone. Literally gone. It said copy, it didn't say "move". I've search in my recycle bin and I didn't find anything. I looked in my OneDrive recycle bin as well, all it could recover was folders but no files. I'm so devastated, so I asked a friend of mine to recover them for me. But no luck. I don't know how to recover my file... Can someone please help me? Thank you.

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