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,I am having headache to transfer my domain from GoDaddy to Microsoft. I have 3 days and they said that the technician from Microsoft are still working. Andi it's amazing that they have 3 days for remove my domain from their services. was already added to a different Office 365 tenant which is managed by GoDaddy. To add this domain to this tenant you will need to contact GoDaddy support and have this domain removed from Once done you can come back and resume this step.



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If you contact godaddy (like they are telling you) godaddy will remove the domain and you can almost immediately add it to a Microsoft tenant. I’ve done it multiple times and it take maybe 10-20 minutes on the phone.

Just be aware, when godaddy removes it, it will DELETE the tennant from godaddy, so make sure everything is migrated out of godaddy before making the switch.

As an additional note...everyone PLEASE stop getting Office 365 from godaddy, it only leads to messes in the future :)

Hello @Ben Stegink that what I want, to stop using godaddy office 365, I am in my 14 days waiting that they resolve the issue, I called almost every day and nothing, now they said that the case they are moving to microsoft ( was thursday), so since thursday they are waiting that microsoft resolve the problem, they opened a ticket, what a mess with it :(

@Ben Stegink  Wiser words have never been spoken. I initially signed up for Office 365 on Godaddy and it was a nightmare. I bit the bullet and transferred directly to MS. It's so devious the way you think you're getting Office365 but you don't realize Godaddy is the gatekeeper. Shouldn't be allowed. Wish I knew this two years ago. 

@Matthew_Zebari Can't agree more MS shouldn't resell like they are doing with Godaddy.  I added license for Visio and couldn't assign or manage it since when I logged to the license administrator it took me to Godaddy and no way to use the license.  I had to call Microsoft and go through a labyrinth to get the licenses removed.

@Ben Stegink What do you mean by "make sure everything is migrated out of godaddy before making the switch."  What do you mean by "migrated" and how do I do that?

@alesrs emails in Exchange, files in SharePoint, if you are using Teams and want to retain conversations. The last time I did one of these, as soon as that domain was removed from GoDaddy, everything you had in Microsoft 365 w/ GoDaddy was deleted. You couldn't "move" your domain to Microsoft 365 natively and then slowly move content over...


There are a variety of ways to move everything over and several tools depending on what you want to do. But the process should be


1. Get a new Microsoft 365 environemtn

2. Copy everything from GoDaddy -> New Microsoft 365

3. Move you domain from GoDaddy -> Microsoft 365 (at which point in time all your content you have in GoDaddy is deleted)


Again, maybe they've made it easier since the last time I did it, but the above has been my experience


And everyone else....PLEASE stop buying Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy. They completely ruin it...frankly, I'm shocked Microsoft still allows them to do this...

@Ben Stegink 


Ben...thanks for your responses...helped me find a step closer on my issue. 


Help me with this one.


1. Domain is with GoDaddy

2. When did the domain, of course made the mistake to do the office365 there too.

3. Web hosting is with a different provider...that email is hosted with too.

4. People log in to email with the hosting provider... with their email account

5. Other services that GoDaddy didn't give use, users login with account




So ... how specifically do we deal with this one?  Everyone seems to be scratching their heads?


I think what I need to do is:

A. Move the web and email hosting back to go daddy and get rid of the third party involved.

B. Download all files and such from Teams

C. Download all emails

D. Download files from OneDrive

E. Cancel the Office365 from GoDaddy...

F. Sign up for Office365 at MS on the current Azure account (

G. Move the domain from GoDaddy to MS and associate into the current ( account

H. Change the primary domain to instead of [or is this step even needed]


The goal is to get everything into the current Azure account/tenant, users then could use their account to get their email and sign in to all of the applications and services at that point (email, business central, visio, etc). I need to make sure we do not lose email access for more than a day or few hours through this process....


Thoughts???  Anyone???





Did you happen to figure this out? I have to do the exact same thing I think...

I just went through this particular issue with a client. New ownership took hold of the company and requested I migrated everything from the old owner's GoDaddy account to their Microsoft Admin portal (which contains 3 other companies). GoDaddy actually packaged up all the emails/data and put it "out to sea". They emailed me with a new password for the admin account, and I had to purchase the licenses. GoDaddy gives a 7 day grace period for that. All data was there. This saved me a ton of time. I did manual backups of the data to be safe, but did not need to migrate the data manually. I would recommend doing the same with GoDaddy.

The next step is to move the domain from GoDaddy over to Microsoft. If anyone has experience with that, please let me know. My concern is the domain being snatched up on the off chance something goes wrong.

@jason165 good luck.  I just ended up giving up and got a new/similar domain name. 


H. Change the primary domain to instead of [or is this step even needed]


Yes. that step is absolutely needed. It is much easier for single sign-on, password memory, etc to have your work email as your authentication. if that step wasnt really necessary, there would be a lot more email domains abandoned at godaddy's door.


not that we really care how many email domains godaddy ends up sitting on....... 


No chance of losing the domain name if you are only transferring it from godaddy, because the actual domain registry is not being changed. Even if the registry was Godaddy, they are not deleting the domain from the world, only the managed mail from their server. This is why you transfer from godaddy's onmicrosoft portal, into MS365 portal, and all you do is change the MX record to redirect mail. you still own the actual internet domain name