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I would like to know if there any option to block access to office 365 for anonymous access?

for example, in Contoso org we have office 365 applications (SPO, Onedrive, etc)
let's say that one of the users opens another office 365 tenant, copy or upload some sensitive content and share the link with anonymous access back to Contoso org. (anonymous access doesn't require authentication.)


How can I block access for Contoso users?


Thanks a lot !

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Hello@som5656 !

Do I understand you correctly that you want to prevent users in your tenant to share content via Anonymous links from your tenant?


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Oliwer Sjöberg


I want to prevent my users to access anonymous links, how can I achieve that?  

You can prevent users from creating anonymous links but don’t think you can prevent them accessing those


Go to your SharePoint admin center, and in the left pane under Sites select Active sites. Select the proper site, and then click Sharing. Select the Anyone option, and select Save. Anyone with access to the shared link can view and edit the relevant files, and can forward the link freely as well.




@adam deltinger 

is it possible to view the access through MCAS?