Accessing a shared mailbox from a mobile device

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Can anyone please tell me what the steps are in accessing a shared mailbox from a mobile device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android)?


I need help with the Client and also mainly what the correct server settings on the Users profile should look like.


Any pointers would be really helpful!

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Currently you can only access the calendar of a shared mailbox, access to other folders is coming in the following months. Or years :)


@Vasil MichevReally? so you can only access your own inbox on your mobile and not anything else?


You can access Calendars, but not other folder types.


Depending on whether or not your organization allows IMAP/POP access, you can try this way using IMAP (as long as it is enabled) and use the / sharedmailboxmnemonichere  per the website here. Worth a shot but many organizations block imap.




You have to use IMAP, and you have to use the built-in mail client since most other mail clients now recognize O365.




  1. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Add Account
  2. Select “Email” for the default email app
  3. Click on “Other Providers”
  4. Enter the email address of the Shared Mailbox and select Manual Setup
  5. Select IMAP
  6. Enter your password (shared mailboxes have no password, so you must enter your password)
  7. Enter the following IMAP settings and go to next when complete:
    1. Username changes to\SharedMailboxName
    2. Server changes to
    3. Port changes to 993
    4. Security type changes to SSL/TLS
  8. Update the SMTP information (required for "send as")
    1. Server name changes to
    2. Security type changes to STARTTLS
    3. Username changes to your username
  9. Set your account options (sync frequency, notifications, etc.)
  10. If necessary, change the "account name" and "your name" fields - especially the "your name" field as this is what is displayed on outgoing messages


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Add Account
  3. Select Other
  4. Select Add Mail Account
  5. Enter the New Account Information and then select Next
    1. Name the account
    2. The email address of the shared mailbox
    3. Your password
    4. Description of the account
  6. Ensure that IMAP is selected at the top
  7. Fill in the Incoming Mail Server information
  8. Fill in the Outgoing Mail Server information
  9. Select Next and then finish creating the account

@Vasil Michev 


Is this available yet? Thanks.


It is, although I cannot tell whether the rollout is 100% complete.


@Vasil Michev I have tested this today on the Outlook app for Android and full email access is working great.




@Vasil MichevWhat are the steps for adding this in the Outlook app assuming that the user is trying to connect to a shared mailbox with their credentials, not the credentials to the mailbox they are trying to access?


Hi ,


I have access to a shared mailbox (Full + Send as).

From mob Outlook app > I add the shared mailbox (using the account that has permissions to access the shared mailbox).


P/S: I am accessing this shared mailbox via Outlook desktop.


Authenticated Failed

That did n't work. You may not have the right permission to add this mailbox or this mailbox does't exist. 


Both mailboxes are on Exchange Online.




Microsoft are now supporting the feature and after waiting patiently (for a whole year) it's working fine for us now ! @Vasil Michev 


Thanks @Hexsysadmins 


It is not working for us. Tried on few users adding few shared mailboxes, that we have full access to.


Is there a mailbox configuration/mobile confg need to look at?




I have set shared mailbox successfully, but i can't send mail from that shared mailbox account.

Where is the problem?


thanks, B

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