Why doesn't the new Teams calling experience not roll out to all in a tenant at the same time?

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We just shifted to Microsoft Teams calling for our staff and sent out documentation based on the interface of the IT staff which doesn't have the new experience and yet a large percentage has the interface, and we are getting constant calls on the documentation not matching. Microsoft should roll out new features like the new calling interface to all members of the same tenant at the same time for consistency and training purposes. This is so unprofessional of Microsoft to do it the say they roll out things.

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Hi Jeffrey,

I understand your point but this currently their process of rolling out Teams.
Martin Rinas from Microsoft described the release process of Teams in the following article.
Regarding the feature flags to enable the new features they say exactly what you complained about. So this is by intention:
"When we begin rolling out feature flags within a ring is where you will usually see differences in features within the same version. We roll features and versions out on in increasing % tranches at user level (considering the worldwide user pool and not at an organization/tenant level) as it gives us the best cross section of use cases, hardware configurations, software configurations, network topology, bandwidth availability, etc., to validate our changes and the user experience they provide – but this does mean that co-workers on the same build can see differences in their features."
I understood your post is more feedback to MS, but I wanted to point you to this article to give some context.


Paul, while this is good it is hard for us to provide training. I use the public preview and half the time I get features after they roll out to the majority of their users and even if I turn off for a time I still seem to get them less often. Every now and again I get a feature in advance to learn and prepare to support my uses but most of the time I don't and it is very frustrating to support features that Microsoft doesn't roll out tenant wide at the same time. Microsoft needs to resolve this.
Totally understand your challenge.
I thought may the "targeted release" ist something you can try for some users and the rest goes with the standard release in your tenant.

@Paul Lange, ironically, I am on targeted release as well as my office and we still don't always get the features in advance. For example, all my staff also have the meet now button for Teams in Outlook and our office doesn't.

Same experience as You @jeffrey (what? I can not create @-mentions here :face_with_rolling_eyes:). Well, it's really frustrating from a organizational perspective and even from a user perspective. "My colleague has this fancy new feature why don't I"?

MS should really reconsider their update model, even though I get why it's practical as an internal process and harvest great insights to the developers and infrastructure teams in MS...

@Peter Bech-Lutzka, as you said, I totally agree. I still don't have the new Teams calling experience and I'm supposed to be training on this and hard to if I don't have it. FYI, when I chose to edit in full editor, I could @ mention someone.

Thank you @Jeffrey Allen. I will use "full editor" in the future :)

 created a brand new demo tenant (on the CDX.transform site) and the new experience appeared for a while and then went again!)


Like you it would be good to have at least a vague idea of when it will be rolled out - we are doing end user training for Business Voice and it would be great to train them on the new experience.



@Jeffrey Allen 

Rarely seen a feature that was rolled out so tough. Announced for a long time, and then months in the rollout and not having reached each user is just weak. Many end users find the team phone system so much worse than their classic pbx telephony or S4B and then the training is made more difficult and it looks different for every second user.
I work for an MSP. Same issue also. 2 users have the new calling experience and no one else. We are using Teams for calling. It's annoying as they have new features important to calling that we can't get even with preview. We also support about 200 companies. If we roll this out (Teams calling) our support Team is screwed.

At least it looks like it has now finally rolled out across all tenants this week!


We still have the ridiculous limitation that the Speed Dial contacts can only be shown in the order they are added - no option to move them or sort alphabetically. Not great when we have a reception handset with 2 x Yealink add on modules that allow up to 120 Speed Dials!


@Jeffrey Allen 

@Mark Lawton, I have the same thing and would like a sorting option as well.

If the new calling experience was so extremely delayed. how long does microsoft need to provide sorting of the speed dial. in teams 2.0, of course :face_with_tears_of_joy: