When presenting on iphone teams app how do I disable calls from interrupting my presentation?

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I set my iphone to do not disturb before I presented using Teams app.  During my presentation a traditional phone call came in and kicked my iphone out of presentation mode.  Although I did not lose the meeting all together it was less than professional to have to share the presentation and my camera all over again.  How do I prevent this from happening in the future?


Thank you!

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Did you set DND on both the phone and in Teams?


@adam deltinger  Thank you Adam,


When I went into settings on my Teams app on the iPhone and I look under notifications and quiet hours it only says it will mute all Teams notifications.  There is also nothing under "settings" > general > phone.


  I am looking for a way for the iPhone to not ring from another cell number (not a Teams member to Teams member call) in addition to no Teams phone calls.  Basically no notifications at all when I am presenting from my phone.


Thank you once again!




@BlairKyle - you will want to be in WiFi, turn on airplane mode and Wifi - shut off WiFi calling in Cellular settings