Use a call-queue for a normal video-call?

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my team is responsible for the internal IT-support of our company. Currently, we are reachable via a classic phone-call (e.g. 555-21235147) that is routed to an auto-attendant and a call-queue in teams. This way, we can manage the team-members responding to a call. The drawback is, that there is no video and the users cannot share their screen.

Thus I would like to make my team available via a "normal" teams-video-call. Our non-IT-employees should be able to call "IT-support" in teams just as they would call a colleague.

But instead of a colleague, the auto-attendant should respond, forward the call to our call-queue and wait for someone from my team to answer the call.


How can I set this up? Is this even possible?

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Hi @AndreasHoffman ,

it should be possible by dialing the SIP URI of the corresponding resource account. the Teams client should start a native Teams call and capabilities like Video and screensharing should be available during the call.


Unfortunately, it's not so easy to search for these accounts. You can use the default search in Teams and switch to persons/users tab. The ressource account should be visible with a Bot symbol as avatar.


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@Thorsten Pickhan Thank you for your reply, that I just saw.

It seems like video-calls are disabled for our resource-accounts:


But we found another solution in the meantime: Create a normal teams-user, assign him a phone-license and redirect to the phone-number of the resource-account.

That way, a full video-call is established.

Now we are looking for some kind of Auto-Responder to handle chat-messages, the users might write to the "redirect-only" teams-user. But that will be a different topic if we don't find anything :)

Any new tips or tricks on this? I just keep stumbling.

I discovered that if you use a Teams Channel for agents video won't work. If you directly assign the agents then after the video call is connected you can enable video/screen sharing.

There doesn't appear to be any way to auto-enable to end user's phone to auto-enable the video.

Also. I can't figure out how to add a Queue to the speed dial.