Teams Video call continues with screen Locked

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If we run a Teams video call and a participant locks their machine, the video and audio continues to work from that machine?
Is this expected behaviour?
I would assume that most users will assume that locking the machine disables an in-flight video call but it appears this is not the case. 
Anyone know if this behaviour can be disabled/changed??
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Hi @Aaron Smith

Updated 06/08/2022

Latest feedback link

Turn off video when the workstation is locked · Community (

Would recommend voting up on it. I have voted on it and the old one on uservoice before that was retired. It's really kind of essential moving forward - and it's kind of criminal after 3 or so years. Until that time users will need to be vigilant and always ensure video and audio are off before locking the machine if they need to move away from it

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

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If anyone comes across the same, here is the new link to vote:

Turn off video when the workstation is locked · Community (

How to Turn OFF Camera and Mic When Screen is locked on Microsoft Teams