Teams/Sharepoint member sync issue

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Hi. I have a Team with 90 members. When I access the sharepoint site, the members do not get access to the file structure.  I have checked that they are all members also in the sharepoint area (not deleted by accident), and they have limited access /read only. Still they can't access files from Teams or Sharepoint. When I check the advanced settings, the users section is empty... (see picture). If I manually add one of the members, he will get access, but what has happened to the rest?

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Did you grant access on the Site Collection level or document library level? Normally, when you change it on document library level it will be the same on channel level (folder under the library). All members are normally in the member area. The area in your picture is the Owner area.
All members are members of the M365 group. So if you want to grant access on a different way you should add the manually.

@EnricoBeyer Thanks for reply. I'm granting access in Teams. I thought that would grant access to everyting I do in sharepoint. There are 94 members on site level, if I press members and advanced level (see file Sharepoint access) I get deeper into the system. In this setup (sharepoint access 2) I may make further restrictions, but when I press the members listing, it's empty - there is no office 365 group defined in it (in my last post I showed the owners section, but it is just as empty in the members section). 


The yellow box shows me that the permission is not the standard permission within this library. So you have to check that. Normally there is an information: "This library inherits permissions from its parent."
You can invite users as you want but if the permission on library level is not correct nobody gget access to it. . So you have to check the library setting on top level and add there the group as member or visitor. All channels/folder inherit from top level.
I assume you created the team site first and then the teams team?

@EnricoBeyer Thanx again. I have discovered something interesting. If I check the access permissions I have TWO registered groups named members. One looks like the original group since when I point the cursor at the name, the same name popps up (ansatte - vgval - medlemmer), whereas the identical group below genereates an email adress: The latter group has no permissons and the former the settings that belong to the parent level (read, contribute) Still how can I access these two groups and delete the malfunctioning one?






OK. I just discovered that I could add the unintelligible account name in the members group and then the members seem to be getting their access back. Seems to have been deleted at some point. All members groups seem to have two entries, one with a group e-mail address and one with a long string called account