Teams set hunt group number for internal use only

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Is it possible to set a hunt group in the business for internal staff use only and block any external public calling the hunt group number?

I've got a hunt group setup for fifteen staff members but somehow and member of the public has gotten hold of the number and is calling the hunt group direct, as the group are not customer facing, they don't want to take calls from customers.

For the time being I've blocked the customer's number using the Set-CsInboundBlockedNumberPattern, until I can find a way to be able to block them just from the one Hunt group's number.

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I guess you refer to Call Queues, right?
How are internal callers calling this CQ? Using the phone number assigned to the resource account? and from Teams or desktop phones?
Hi Andres,
Yes, CQ's :)
They're calling a phone number assigned to the resource account as our CC has a different phone system which is controlled by WebRTC through their browser.
Oh I see, that's why the Resource Account requires a public phone number I guess
Do you use Calling Plans/Operator Connect or Direct Routing?
As far as I know we use Direct Routing.
Then you could block external calls at the SBC level, if you do not manage it, ask the SBC administrator to block all external calls except the ones coming from the CC.
Can this be done for just one hunt group, as I've already blocked that number from the company.
Usually SBCs can accomplish that with rules.