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A feature many can benefit from at the enterprise level is allowing multiple people to share screens and then allow the viewers to easily see what screen is selected. 1 person can drive and switch screens but when it switches its the user who's screen is sharing at that time. The issue we encounter is with our Scrum teams and Scrum Masters driving the screen but then we have product owners who regularly run the meetings as well. It is a pain to keep waiting for screens to stop sharing and the other person connecting. It takes time every time so we end up having 1 person drive the whole time but then our flow is a bit more choppy. I think about this as being in person and 1 person standing up to present and the other person having a comment or wanting to write something on the board or show something they can just get up and do it. I see this working in Teams virtually when multiple people are collaborating and have different tools they are using. Some on our calls are using Salesforce, Rally, SNOW, excel, power point, etc and trying to show all across multiple people who own each of those documents is a pain. 

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Hi @JulianOrdas

Currently picked up by Microsoft per this uservoice, but currently on the backlog meaning there are higher priority items

Would vote on it to push up the agenda, you will also be notified when it goes into working on it status

Hope that answers your question

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This is the best recommendation I have seen all day

Above is exactly what I'm looking for, for our collaborative working, team meetings & games so we can have people noting ideas, break out & flip between the responses quickly rather than via chat box, as drawings would be helpful.
This option would be fantastic for schools. Please can you bump it up in your priority for development?
I would love a function: share all desktops, similar to mute all users.
Then I could see every user's desktop to ensure that students are only using the OneNote page that I want them to be on for the duration of the online assessment. I record the call as a record of the invigilation.
Is this still being considered? This would be very helpful in my world in Development Sprint meetings.
Dang! this is exactly what I was looking for. For certain nice category people this is really useful. I'm hoping this is still in consideration for future.

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It got carried over to the new feedback portal - now available here and being considered


Allow multiple people to share their screen at the same time · Community (


Hope that helps


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This option would be hugely beneficial for telecommute workers.  I am hoping this is pushed up to be developed sooner than later.

Any status on this by chance? I tried to upvote but the link doesn't work anymore. This would be an amazing feature. @Christopher Hoard 

Hi Chris,

Is there an updated uservoice on this issue? The one linked above is a 404.
This would be a godsend when troubleshooting/researching ideas in collaborative meetings.

Frequently working together with another person, divergent though streams lead to different research paths on the internet, and it's great to see your collaborator's screen at the same time as they are seeing yours.