Teams Phones - Healthy or not?

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Just playing with Teams IP Phone device after my vacation and wondering why my phone on TAC looks like:


And even on the phone I can see the status is "available".


But I'm not able to make any calls from the phone and when looking for the phone from Teams client it says: 


And calls goes to voice mail.


Just like to ask if others has seen similar issue? Where TAC feels the phone is fine, but phone itself does not work. Because I can even restart the device from TAC then it means the admin agent is up. So I just started to wonder if there could be so simple problem that if admin agent is up on the device, then it is "healthy" device.


From the logs I found following line:

Refreshing token silently. Current token expiry: Sun Jun 12 05:58:17 GMT 2022

Expired around two months ago, so perhaps that would be the reason :D


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Seems like the Phone is stuck on the user authentication standpoint because of which the calls are going to voicemail. My recommendation would be to log out and login to the device and check if you are able to see if the issue persists.

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Satish Upadhyaya


I actually run the factory reset to that device and ends to other issues :D


But quite odd that there could be so confuses states on the devices.