Teams Mobile App for Android Showing Unread Chats which is wrong

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It was 1 unread chat that I could not get rid of and now it's 2.  There are NO unread chats (I've gone through literally every single one and opened them, there is nothing in bold).  I've cleared the cache for the app.


Is the only fix for this to keep signing out then back in for my account?  I've logged onto and there are no unread chats.  The app is also missing a lot of chats.



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Can you try clearing app data (Settings -- > Data & storage -- > Clear app data) and check if it is still an issue?

I have the same problem. Reïninstalling the app didn't work. Clearing cache and data didn't work. Disabling notifications (and again clearing cache and data) didn't work.


The only thing that seems the work is uninstalling the app (and not installing it again).

I have the same problem. Nothing has helped. 

I have this issue as well. Clear cache and reinstall did not work. There is no notification on the desktop app.

@luvsql  I have the same issue on my iPhone.

Same here.
Android version 1416/
Same issue here. Even on a device that never had teams installed.

I'm also having this problem, can't get rid of one unread chat no matter what I try.  Did anyone find a solution?

It's been a few weeks since the last reply. Did anyone find a solution? I've had this same issue. It's very frustrating.


@trolfm I'm still having the problem, shows 1 new notification when all messages are read.

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@luvsql this is 100% a bug. I resolved by deleting all of my MS Teams chats across the desktop, mobile, and web apps. Obviously not a great solution, but finally got the notification to disappear. 

I also have this issue for past couple of days on my iphone app and it doesn't go away. My desktop app shows no message so it is a but that needs to be fixed by Microsoft 

@AndrewCitera How do you delete Teams chat messages? I only see options to Pin, Mute or Hide mine. 

Same here! Android 11, One UI 3.1 Samsung. Cleared Cache and Data. Logout and Login. Filter by UnRead not found any chat.
Same here on Android 11, Teams version: 1416/ No configuration has changed from my side regarding notifications. Started facing this some 2 months ago. It is just the notifications indication and the bold font of the chat that does not get reset. If I filter by "Unread" and I have indeed read everything either on mobile or desktop app, then no chat is presented (as expected).
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I have the same problem here.
Very enoying.
Hopfully Microsoft will fix this soon.
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