Teams Login issues: You can't get there from here

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This application contains sensitive information and can only be accessed from: - Devices or client that meet (organization name) compliance policy. If this is a personal device you can choose to let (organisation name) manager your device by going to Settings> Accounts > Access work or school and clicking in "Connect". When you're done come back and try again. This is a standard error message that usually happens when a device is non compliant with organization policies. Updates Installed and Device Sync SHOULD fix Windows Update Settings > Sync Windows Update Settings > Install Now went through and everything was updated Access work or school > Info Sync User continues to get login issues with teams even when signing in from another account

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It took weeks trying to find a fix before we escalated to Microsoft and managed to get this answer 



Right now Teams cannot support both AADJoined machine and workplace Joined machine smoothly. So sometimes it will cause the issue.


From the best practice, if the users meet the issue, we could recommend them to block the workplacejoined or disconnect the workplace account. (some users have multiple accounts in Access work or Schools


Close off teams completely


Open Registry Editor


Create a new Dword

Name: BlockAADWorkplaceJoin

Value: 1



Open Windows Explorer

Type %appdata%


Delete all items in this folder





@DannyVLRS Solved my issue too.  Thank you for posting it!!!

3 years later but this solved my issue today.