Teams invites random people to meetings

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Sometimes when I create meetings, Teams also invites other people who I have not invited. 


For example, tomorrow I have organised a meeting for me and just one other person, yet I had an email from someone else letting me know they received an invite. I have checked the meeting and this other person is not listed on the invite lists, yet they received an invite.


I've had this issue before - there seems to be no reasoning behind who it selects either. It just 'chooses' a random member of our team (or sometimes a guest) and invites them along, without showing that they've been invited on my end. I therefore do not know who is receiving invites for private meetings i'm creating, and occasionally 'uninvited' people have turned up only to be told I didn't know they'd received an invite and they didn't need to attend. 


Any help with this would be much appreciated.


Many thanks!

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You are probably selecting a channel to have the meeting in when creating the meeting, assuming you do it inside Teams. Do not select channels cause the meetings are not private at that point and some people could in fact get notifications if the attached group setting has notifications on, and they will see the meetings take place in the channels when they take place.

It's that, that is going on, or the only other thing outside a serious bug would be that the people you invite have delegates setup for their account and the meetings get forwarded to someone else, but based on the problem statement above it looks like you are selecting a channel to hold the meeting which makes the meeting public, leave that field empty so meetings are private or utilize Outlook to schedule Teams meetings since that doesn't let you do that.

Thank you so much for your prompt response @Chris Webb, that makes perfect sense now and I will schedule the meetings through the calendar from now on.


Thanks again!



@Chris Webb This seems like an extremely stupid implementation of meetings. Why even have "required" or "optional" attendees if everyone and their cousin from the team can join? I love putting meetings in channels as it allows the meeting notes to be tracked in the channel. especially with recurring team leads meetings then the meeting notes live in the appropriate channel. 


Most people are normal and understand if you don't get an invite, you don't come, but random team members who's primary work is in other channels of the team still tend to show up every once in a while like I have personally summoned them. The baseline functionality of event invites is broken if you try to organize your meetings into their related channel. Which we should be encouraged to do, not discouraged from doing, especially if we use files/meeting notes.