Teams Hanging/Freezing

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In the last couple days for some reason, across multiple networks and end-users, Teams seems to be hanging/freezing for a few seconds, doesn't accept mouse clicks or typing, then it releases after 3-5 seconds. Restarting doesn't seem to help, just curious if anyone else has had this issue, maybe since the most recent version (

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Haven't really noticed anything, it hung on my boss the other day, but haven't seen it happen since. At least for me.

@Donovon Dildine I am currently facing the same issue, I'm wondering if it has something to do with the "seen notification". I also tried restarting both Teams and my machine to no avail.

@wdelacruz88  Good idea, maybe it is, its a new problem, and its multiple users across multiple machines with multiple OSes.

Just an FYI, we've had several users resolved by disabling the new Read Recipients option, then restarting the application. What is odd is we still seen to get the read reciepts, buts its better now.

@Donovon Dildine been having this issue on both of my devices for about 2 years.  It's intermittent and driving me insane.  

@Donovon Dildine 


Chat is very hard to use if when I type, I hit a key and chat just sits there, then poof, 3-5 seconds later, it resumes and grabs what I typed and puts it in.

@Donovon Dildine  Having this same issue particularly when video meeting in progress. Starting a second chat totally blows things up.

@Donovon Dildine 

this has been a problem since forever. I don't think it's threaded properly

@Donovon Dildine yeah we are seeing this issue in my organization as well.  Some days are better than other.  I've had Teams freeze on my for over a minute, then all of a sudden the message I typed prior to the freeze appears and all conversations all load, then it immediately locks up again.  Has been happening to my group for a few months now but we are still new to Teams as an organization. 

Been having this problem as well, pretty consistently. Going to try turning off read receipts, will report back.



My kids doing distance learning. Whenever he is on a meeting on Teams, his com freezes, and has to be rebooted. Any advice would be appreciated


@cbeckmann  Turning off read receipts seem to work good for me. No more 5-10 second pauses. So annoying I was about to switch to Cisco Teams

It has been a few days now, and I have not had any of the usual hangs. Seems like turning off read receipts did the trick.

I regularly have this problem.  Oddly, hovering over the Teams icon on the Windows taskbar "unfreezes" it, but then it comes back (maybe 50% of the cases after unfreezing). 

@Donovon DildineYes.  The same problem.  :(  Teams freezes a lot but does not unfreeze in a few seconds like in your case.

The problem became severe last Monday, Oct 19th.

Still having issues here. Tried everything. 


Recently zapped my computer and did a completely fresh reinstall of everything. Teams is still a problem child on my way over powered system. I can render out 4k in 4x real time, run the entire Adobe suite, but can't type in Teams without hanging.  


Microsoft, sort yourself out.

@Donovon Dildine 

It is a well known issue that Team sometimes freezes when sharing Revit, Indesign and Excel files. A web search gives you an insight.

Describes by one of my users "

The computer freezes and don’t take commands.  “ However, I can hear and see the people on Teams and they can hear me but I can not click on anything or move the mouse. then after maybe a minute the computer dies”

Anyone who has a work around or found a way to fix this?

Clean install and reinstall dont work, neither does clearing the cache. And it also occurs in the web app.

We can always use Zoom in combo with Slack, but it would be nice to have this issue resolved


@Marielu For us, it is just chatting. Any typing hangs.