Teams Displays Walkthrough


The new Teams Display features are pretty awesome, I'm very impressed with this first release. I've produced a lengthy demo to show the capabilities available.


Consider the Teams Display as a companion device to work alongside your laptop, an extension to allow you to keep your messages and appointments in view while coordinating to give you the best experience between both devices for example

  • Read a message on the device, one button to start a reply on the laptop
  • Join a meeting with the audio/video and video on the device, shared content or your own screen sharing on the PC
  • View a file, one click to open it to edit on the PC

This new class of device is certainly very interesting.

Full demo of Teams Displays, a software update to everyone using the first available device, the Lenovo ThinkSmart View.More details on this device available...
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Thanks for sharing this, @Steven Collier