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Teams has to fix their issues. Every day, to no fail, I have to uninstall and reinstall Teams. 


I use a separate Wireless Headphone (Corsair Virtuoso) and USB Microphone (HyperX QuadCast S). I have it dictated that way in the settings. It works sometimes, but then others it just keeps me muted. No matter how many times I click to unmute, it doesn't work. I go try to re-select my devices, I make a test call and it's still force muted, and I completely restart the app. Nothing works. The only remedy is to uninstall the program, restart the computer, and re-install it. 


Wondering if anyone else has these problems. It's highly annoying because then I have to call on my phone or tell the person on the other end to wait for me to do all of that. 

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Unfortunately Wireless Headphone (Corsair Virtuoso) is not certified to be with Microsoft Teams. My recommendations would to check if the Wireless Headphone (Corsair Virtuoso) device firmware upgrades to the latest.

Teams Certified Devices

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That's seems like a lack luster excuse. It is an audio device. I am treating this headset as a pair of headphones essentially. I am not using the microphone on the headset, to the point where I even detached it. It seems as though Microsoft has a problem with mixing devices: output vs input. In all honesty, it seems like this is a shortcoming of Teams software itself. I should be able to use a separate USB microphone in addition to a pair of headphones without it having to be uninstalled to have it stop force muting me.

I have this same problem! I'm using a Corsair Wireless headset and I never had issues prior (when I was using the company standard Plantronics headset).

I even got a new laptop to try and sort the issues, all was good for a few days then I couldn't come off mute. Re-installing only really fixes my issues for a short period of time (1 or 2 teams calls) so I was using Microsoft Teams Web app which was a workaround, annoying but it was working. Now all of a sudden the web app has stopped working and I can't come off mute there either!

It's driving me mad, I don't want to use a different headset because I use the Corsair keyboard/mouse but seems it might be what I need to do and go back to the standard one. When I have the issue with not coming off mute even if i try to switch my device input/output to my laptop speaker/microphone it still doesn't let me come off mute and I agree the excuse that it isn't a certified headset is just an awful excuse and doesn't explain why it works sometimes and then just stops working :(