Teams contacts all showing status unknown

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I have had an issue with Teams that I can't seem to resolve. When I run the teams desktop application I cannot see the status of any of my contacts but yet if I use the web version I can see them okay.

this might have happened because I have 2 teams logons for different clients and after signing out of one and back into the other the status of people disappeared. 

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing teams several times - Any ideas how to rectify this problem. - the screenshot shows web version and desktop version side-by side (names removed)


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@AWstuff Hi, does it make any difference if you go to %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams and delete all content in that folder?


@bec064, thanks for getting back to me. I have just uninstalled Teams for the 3rd time then after uninstalling I took the risk of deleting every directory called 'teams' and all the sub directories. After a re-boot I re-installed teams and got the same result - status 'unknown' in the desktop app but can see status in the online version. 

I have a suspicion this is somehow linked to Microsoft edge, the only reason I think that is because I had to delete all the 'cookies' and 'browsing data' to get Teams to work there after the alternative login.


@AWstuff Hello, we also face the same issue. Did you solve the problem or at least found a workaround? Thanks!


Hi @loredana leaha,

Not solved the issue yet but Teams online works so I am currently using that. I will post an update if I do solve it. good luck.




Hi, I started having this issue also last week. Same as described - client does not work on Win10, but ok using the Teams browser and terminal services. Deleting the Teams folders in app data also does not fix this. I am looking to see if an update I installed around the same time for Win 10 is contributing (October 13, 2020—KB4579311 (OS Build 19041.572)??