Teams chats and groups not visible/disappeared on laptop

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Just about a hour ago I rebooted my laptop. Internet wasn't great somehow. Had a small windows update executed as well.


Now is my entire chat history missing, excluding ONE chat (random?). When I type for a person to start a chat with, it's not showing the history.


There are also no Teams groups visible for me anymore, excluding ONE chat (random?). The teams app on my phone is still showing all chats and teams. I am also able to send messages in the chats and teams from my phone that are missing on the laptop.

I checked FAQ's and recent posts for anything similar, but  haven't found anything yet. Is anyone familiar with this issue and a possible fix?

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First try to do a full logout / login in the client. If that doesn't help follow these instructions to clear your cache:


then try again:


/ Adam

@adam deltinger 

I'm having the same problem. I'm a teacher. Data Center uploaded my classes into teams. I renamed 5 of 9 of the teams on my school desktop. When I got home I opened Team in the web app, and after all 9 teams appeared, the screen blinked and the 5 teams i had renamed vanished. They are not hidden or archived. I've rebooted several times, used several different browsers, several different computers both at home and at school. Data Center says the teams are still active. But I can't see them. I tied logging out of MS Teams and logging back in, I also tried clearing the Team cache according to the instructions on the link you provided. Nothing has worked so far. 

@VMDorst I just had a coworker encounter the same problem, and after trying multiple things we found the solution... zoom! 


I found that stretching or shrinking the window caused that panel to disappear.  So then checked my coworkers screen resolution, but that was set to normal.  (a screen resolution of 800x600 would be bad).


So then I checked Teams and found it had a zoom feature.  So if you zoomed in too much you won't see the chat panel either.  In Teams, click on your thumbnail in the top status bar, and you'll see zoom.  On my screen, zoom of 170% or more hides the chat panel.  Holding ctrl while moving the mousewheel will automatically zoom in or out.

hey I need your help

@Treezeus Thank you for posting this... I was going over the edge trying to figure this out! Your willingness to post and help others is greatly appreciated! 

After a reboot I am missing chat messages from 1st of July to today in a specific chat.
After another reboot I do see those missing messages from 1st of July to yesterday, but now messages from 28th/29th of June are gone.. 

Very strange and a but disturbing, as we veavily rely on Teams in internal communication. Going to try a login/logoff and clearing the cache now. 


Had the same problem. My IT dept was actually helpful. 


From the command prompt run the code line below to terminate Teams. 

Then delete the two Windows folders for your use account as show below. Restart Teams and it should restore from the cloud (cloud = someone else's computer)



@CanuckInOz After signing out and logging back in to the sight of nothing in my Teams, I decided to just restart my computer. That did the trick without running command prompt and deleting stuff. 

Then I deleted the draft I had written up for the IT team haha