Suppress notifications during calls/meetings

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hi everyone. I've seen a few notes about muting notifications during calls, but along with that, I need notifcations suppressed. I can't handle all the constant - y'all, it's CONSTANT - little convo popups while I'm trying to focus on a call. Muting all convos manually really isn't realistic. Is there a way to just cancel popups during certain periods? 

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@Julia Vyse I don't think it is possible currently. Notifcations about new calls you can mute by setting yourself as Do Not Disturb. But other notifications there is no function for.


There a couple of uservoice requests about this. Vote for them and we might see some solution for this.


If you want to cancel notifications during certain times you can use Focus Assist in Windows.

tx! i'm upvoting these suggestions now

@Julia Vyse what things do you need to be notified of at any time? I turn off nearly everything as Banner as I'm in the app and can review the activity feed, I only really need to respond when someone if directly @ mentioning me. might be worth trying the same ..


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thanks @Steven Collier - Banner does not apply to me. I work at an agency, so along with our teams, we have chats going for different working groups. so suppressing the banner will not suppress regular chats from popping up while I'm on a call. but I should be able to do that without manually muting all the chats I'm in.

@Julia Vyse 


It seems the only way to do this currently, is to set yourself as "Do Not Disturb" in teams.  Anyone that has set up to allow notifications or users through DND would still get those .. but so far that seems to be working for me ... being in a meeting I can still see the chat happening I can participate .. but the notifications for each post, etc.. are gone. 


Of course part of microsoft's stupidity .. just like with their windows 10 notification system .. is that it appears on the bottom right of the screen .. or if in the web version of teams bottom right of the web page .. which gee surprise .. is right where the meeting chat box is, if we're trying to type something in chat of the meeting .. why microsoft doesn't realize how stupid things like this are I don't know..

I need this too!

The only way to do this right now is to set your status to DND. I have to do this otherwise I get regularly distracted when I in a video call meeting. The problem is DND status is I regularly forget to reset my status after the meeting and so I miss important notifications.


I would love to be able to have control to disable all notifications when my status is set to "In a meeting".

Agreed. Most annoyingly, I get disturbed by a notification to be in a meeting while I'm in that same meeting. I've set my notifications to 10 minutes before any meeting, but I still get them at any time. I get a notification 18 hours before I have created an appointment to indicate time off. I'm close to just shutting all the notifications down. Somebody at Microsoft needs to step in.