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We've been testing the new Teams before we roll it out more widely. We have noticed that your status does not update consistently with the new Teams, as in, here is one scenario as an example

  1. I'm showing as available and somebody calls me (working well at this point)
  2. I pick up the call and when I do I show as busy (still all going well)
  3. I present during the call and the status changes to do not disturb (so far so good still)
  4. I end the call, but my status stays as do not disturb indefinitely until I click on reset status. (this is the behaviour that didn't used to happen in classic Teams)

All throughout the above I did not manually change my status; it was just updating automatically as my activity changed, but did not update in the end when my call ended.


Is anyone else experiencing this and is there a way to fix this?




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Hi @Andrea2023,

The problem of inconsistent presence status updates in the new Microsoft Teams 2.0 client has been observed by multiple users. It seems that in certain situations, users' presence status may incorrectly display them as "Away" or "Do Not Disturb" even when they are actively using Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams 2: Anwesenheitsstatus wird sporadisch falsch angezeigt | Borns IT- und Windows-Blog ...

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft Teams 2.0 installed.
  • Disable sleep mode for the affected computer.
  • Check for other software or hardware problems that could be causing the issue.

If you can't fix the problem yourself, you can open a support ticket with Microsoft.

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Thanks @LeonPavesic


“users' presence status may incorrectly display them as "Away" or "Do Not Disturb" even when they are actively using Microsoft Teams” —> yes we’ve experienced this same situation too.


Apologies if this is a silly question, but the solutions you suggested, am I right in saying those would be done by users at an individual level? …could it be done/ are you aware of an organisation or tenant-wide solution?


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I have the same issue.  This started for me with the new Teams update from around November 1, 2023.  

I am also using the new Outlook.  Resetting the status fixes it to the status, but when a calendar event comes up, like a Teams call, it never changes to 'in-call' status.  Perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling the new Teams will fix.  I will try that and report back.  But to me, this is clearly a bug in the new Teams.


Uninstall and reinstall fixed my issue. Should have thought of that initially.
winget uninstall --id Microsoft.Teams
winget install --id Microsoft.Teams -s winget

We are experiencing same issues. Intermittent inaccurate Teams status/presence when using new client.
I remember several months ago, the new teams client "known issues" page had entries related to problems with status/presence but don't show any references to it now.
Can someone from Microsoft comment on these issues? We would like to move forward and allow our users to try new Teams but it is unusable if we can't trust presence.

Thank you.



I am seeing the same issues. Microsoft keeps asking to use the new version but can't get the status' to update correctly. Went back to the previous version. 

It's the register key: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IM Providers\DefaultIMApp"
• If the client is running the new temas --> set the register key to “MsTeams” -->User need to restart OUTLOOK then the issue can be fixed.
• If the end user is running the old teams --> set the register key to “Teams” --> User need to restart OUTLOOK then the issue can be fixed.
Tried today uninstalling and reinstalling just on myself at an individual level. So far has been successful - seemed to be okay for today, but will keep an eye on the next few days and can share what happens :) thanks for this suggestion!
Thanks! Can try this too :)

@Andrea2023 Our company is having the same issue with this "new and improved" version of TEAMS. So far, logging out and back in resolves my issues temporarily. Looking at the other replies, I've tried the registry keys, but ours is already set correctly. I plan to open up a ticket with MS and hope you will do the same. Please keep us updated if you end up finding a solution. My guess is this will be resolved on the next update with no mention of the issue. ;)

Reg keys 1) aren't there as described, 2) did not fix issue. Also, needing to go to 160 computers to fix registry is.. well can't say it here! lol
Oh we have logged this with Microsoft already ;)
We’re in the same boat of trying to find an organisation-wide solution rather than individual solution :) but I guess some solution rather than none is also better…might hold off a bit on deploying. Maybe Microsoft will resolve it soon and then it’s not a problem anymore *fingers crossed*
Small Update: Microsoft Teams current version installed 23285.3604.2469.4152 Our computers appear to have been updated to this version just today. Unfortunately, I don't know if this is the update that broke Teams, but curious to know what version everyone else had trouble with.
Oh so actually, didn’t work! The status started acting up again today…

@Andrea2023 Same here!!

The new version of Teams (work) does not update the status of any of my contacts -not even mine- (and that is a big problem). I did a clean uninstall and tried to install again... but it still has the bug.

@Andrea2023 yes. The update our organisation received last Monday  (against the new version of teams) has caused statuses to stick for everyone.

They now have to be reset every time a person changes from a meeting to a different status.

I have customers who are experiencing this issue as well. We are looking for an Organization-wide solution, if possible. Thank you.
I'm having similar issues with incorrect status, but in my case my status is always green regardless of my real status. I'm in the middle of presenting mode during a scheduled Teams call, and other staff try calling me since my status still shows as a green dot and says I'm "available" which is clearly not true. I'm on the latest version of new Teams and new Outlook, and running on MAC OS. My only option now is to manually change my status a dozen times a day. Yuck.