Sign language interpreters in Teams

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Our client (NPO) has hired several deaf people.
Since they all currently have to work from their home offices, the client works a lot with Microsoft Teams.
A sign language interpreter is invited to the meetings - which works great.
However, as soon as an employee shares the desktop - the video windows are so small that the interpreter is hardly recognized.

It would be really great - if you could split off individual windows!


This option would also be interesting for some.


Is there a chance that this will be feasible at some point?

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Hopefully we get more control of this! In the meantime I’d suggest posting this request here too or find other uservoices you can upvote:

Same issue. Need to be able to pin a deaf person or multiple deaf people
in a meeting while someone is screen sharing. And be able to make the document smaller to see the deaf people presenting larger so I can understand their signing.
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Here's how to resize Teams to maximize use of an ASL interpreter

@interpreter1600 @nataschamarkzoll
I am glad to inform you that there is now a solution for Sign Language interpretation in Teams! A solution that has been designed exactly for that!
Microsoft & KUDO have just released this new solution for all Teams users to access interpretation, including sign languages interpretation. The SL interpreter is not joining as a participant anymore, but access an interpreter role and is visible for all attendees that need SL.
Here is a short video that says it all:

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to know more/test the solution: claire @ kudoway . com