Shared Mailbox Calendar cannot create a Teams meeting

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When I have a shared calendar, typically we use it to share meetings, vacation and more within our group.


When I go to create a new Teams meeting, it does not include any call in information - and the meeting doesn't seem to work.  Does Teams fully support creating a full teams meeting in a shared calendar?


What is the work around - kind of a big deal.

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AFAIK this is not possible - because the mailbox needs to be a full mailbox and have both Teams (via an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 Plan) and the Audio Conference add on.

There is a uservoice here with mirrors the experience you are getting

So looks like this is default behaviour because of not being the right mailbox and having the right licences.

So easy way to remediate this is to convert it to a full mailbox (it will still work like a shared mailbox), add the business essentials SKU and audio conference add on and you should be good to go

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard, I have this same problem, and I did convert the user, but I am still not able to create teams meetings.  How long should it take before the shared mailbox pieces leave the account?  

Hi @ndrfillmore

After doing the conversion of the shared to full mailbox did you -

1.) Assign the Office 365 licence and ensure Teams is on
2.) Add the audio conference SKU to the mailbox?
3.) Reset the password and ensure you can login to the mailbox

Tested it after all this? Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


I had to wait for about 3 hours before the teams meetings started to get notifications.  However, I was able to find a better solution.  It turns out that if you create a Team (office 365 group) those accounts do allow you to send calendar invitations from those calendars.  They even give you the full Microsoft Teams audio conferencing options.  I believe it uses the license of the individual that is creating the invitation, as the invitations from User Name on behalf of TeamName.  

@justjeffYesterday we discovered how to do this on our Hybrid Exchange and it works as long as the person trying to create a meeting in the shared mailbox/calendar has delegate or ownership of it.

Step one: Check that you have delegate, owner, full access or at least editor permissions on it.

Step two:  If you have previously added the mailbox/calendar to your Outlook using account settings/ Change/ more settings/ advanced/ add mailbox:  Make sure you remove it.  You may need to close & restart Outlook before doing the next step.

Step three: Open Outlook and go to File and click on Account Settings again this time click on new and add the name of the shared calendar or mailbox and click connect and OK.

Step four: Close and restart Outlook


You should see the mailbox in your folder list.

In previous MS Exchange versions you would have had to create a new Outlook profile to get into a Mailbox added this way but now you don't have to.  It lets you use it without having to exit your own mailbox profile.


Now when you open the Calendar for that shared mailbox you will be able to create meetings and invite attendees.


Hope this helps.


How would this allow you to schedule a Teams meeting (with dial-in info and 'join' button) using a shared mailbox?

I had the same problem but luckily instructions mentioned in the below post resolved the issue.

@jafreesimilar problem here. someone has full access to another persons mailbox and can't create teams meetings from inside outlook.

They can open the calendar and create a new entry, but as soon as they clicked the Teams meeting button and enter the message body input field a message that the connection to the server can't be established. Calendar entries and meetings in outlook are creatable, just not with teams added.


it's a server teams client and an on-premise exchange if that's helpful. Doing teams on behalf of themselves work, just not on behalf of others.


EDIT: Seems that full access doesn't means sendas...

@konstii About your Edit, are you saying it works now?

There is Full Access isn't send as, that's right.

it had worked once giving send as additionally to full access. Which isn't working anymore.
We solved it temporarly by setting up multiple Outlook profiles for each full access at the customer side to have secretaries plan meetings for those they need to do their job for.

So in conclusion: No, it isn't working as intended: Teams meetings sent from outlook from a person-calendar using a different user which has send-as and send-on-behalf access isn't working without having them download the full postbox via full access.

I just created a UserVoice request for that one:

(still awaiting moderator approval as of right now).


Feel free to vote!


@sre4ever it seems that it still needs approval of a moderator on UserVoice... Let's wait a moment.

I also did one just to clarify and strenghten the case:

@ndrfillmore This works for me as well. Thank you for the explanation that it uses the license of the individual that is creating the invitation, as the invitations from User Name on behalf of TeamName.  Usually only the meeting organiser can do some actions, like create breakout rooms, and I was wondering who gets those rights if it is created from a shared calendar.

Thanks for sharing, this worked for me.