Saving recording to OneDrive…

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After a team meeting where I recorded, it says Saving recording to OneDrive… more than 2 hours now ... how could I access my recording

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@Shchekn Hi, well that doesn't sound right. How long was the meeting btw? You can verify if it's a interface issue by checking the meeting chat history, or the channel conversation if it was a channel meeting.


If you can't find it there, you probably have to raise a support ticket to get things sorted (Microsoft analyzing logs etc.)

@Shchekn I am also experiencing this at the moment, I've been waiting for an hour now and it was just a 10 min long meeting. This was a training boot camp so its really important to share this with the other participants.

Did you found a workaround for this?

@yvesV1595 As mentioned above, can you see the meeting recording link in the meeting chat or in the channel conversation? (if it was a channel meeting).

@ChristianBergstrom Hi, thanks for the reply, it is now working alright. Though I had to wait for more than 2 hours for it to be watchable (it was a just a 10 mins clip)

To answer your question, did you mean the "recording has stopped. saving recording to onedrive" prompt? then yes, it was visible in the chat, though it was not clickable and the only options available to it was "learn more" and "Report issue". 

Hi @ChristianBergstrom I have the same issue - it's been 1 hour since the meeting ended (1-hour meeting) and the it still says "saving recording to OneDrive". I don't see the video on OneDrive. Can you please help? Thanks.

Hello, as a community member I can't do much about these kind of issues. I suppose you were the organizer? Have a look in the meeting chat, or channel conversation (if it was channel recording) to see how it looks there. Personal meetings get saved to OneDrive and channel meetings to SharePoint.

You can always ask your IT admin to troubleshoot for you using the admin center diagnostics tools or even open up a support ticket with Microsoft.
Had similar problems today and its been 2 days but I still cant access the recording. Hope someone can help or atleast help me send out a support ticket