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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Profile Picture is not syncing for team meetings.

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Dear reader,


I go to high school. My laptop is school property. When I enter Microsoft Teams, I changed my profile picture to something new instead of my previous one. Everything synced in two days. Except teams meetings. Whenever I meet, its still displays the old picture. When I DM someone, it shows the new one. It already synced for all of my other Office 365 apps, just not when I meet in Microsoft Teams.

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Hi @Julianuary1st   this seems to be a common occurence for some people.  Take a look at this past post and see if the solutions offered help you:


There is a Uservoice item where you can vote to fix the bug:


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The following seemed to work for me in forcing the profile picture in Teams meetings to update


  • Log into Teams from the web
  • Update your profile picture from the web UI
  • In Teams desktop ... sign out of teams
  • Close Teams desktop
  • Re-open and sign-in to Teams Desktop

@itkdoug :  This solution worked for me too. Thanks.

This solution solved my issue. Thank you!
The same thing has happened to me! Can someone please help!
And did you try the above solution with some likes?
Yes, I'm not sure if it worked, on my teams meeting it still showed my old one. Now it's starting to show my new one.

@itkdoug Worked for me :>

Did not work for me... :cry:.