Participants not showing up on camera BUT camera shows for others

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The view on my screen in Microsoft teams does not seem to show everyone's camera yet others in the meeting can see all the participants on camera. I instead, get a box with their initials but no video. See attached photo. We are using the free version of teams.


In the past I have been able to see all attendees. I have restarted the app, ensured that it is updated, etc. logged out and in. No luck. 


Help!teams screen.jpg


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This is what we see when the people whose initials are shown dont actually have their camera on.

We are having this same problem today.   All users are getting some blank video squares, but each user is experiencing differ views of missing video.   Did you get a resolution?   All worked ok until today.  @Tamara100 

@Tamara100wrote that "yet others in the meeting can see all the participants on camera. ". @gmoseley - if those people didn't have their camera on, others wouldn't be able to see them either.


My son had the same problem today in his Teams class meeting. I don't know what he did but suddenly he could only see the teacher on video - everyone else showed up as either initials or static image in a circle. Everyone else could see everyone on video. Please help! :cry:



@helloworldkitty  Did you get a resolution? I'm having the same problem

@Daniel_BlumbergYes, a friend told me that it is a sign of insufficient bandwidth. I upgraded to faster internet package with my provider and the issue got resolved.

@helloworldkitty @Daniel_Blumberg 


Is this bandwidth issue the most likely reason/a fix for others?


we have had this happen with multiple users on a large call with no visible commonality between them or difference to those that can see all incoming video. The user above that responded to say this is what you see when cameras are off is correct but not relevant here since all users in my example have their cameras on (and I believe the same for others in this thread). Is there any response from Microsoft on this elsewhere?



This does not appear to be a bandwidth problem. We are having the same issue and have very high bandwidth. Some participants with lower bandwidth are seeing the video just fine even though others in the high bandwidth work environment can't see them. The worst thing is that it's inconsistent and hard to describe without people thinking it's just a camera issue or something.


Succinctly: Sometimes some users video is only viewable by certain users. Some people in the call can see it fine. Others can't. And it seems to be completely irrelevant to bandwidth availability.


It feels like a bug to me. I'm getting pressure from across our organization to switch to Zoom because it does not have this problem.


Anyone from Microsoft plan on chiming on here? We just started noticing this in the last month or two. What did you break?




@jehuie we have also experienced this issue today.


Simple call with 4 participants

1 with camera feed turned off which is our NDI account.

1 Caller which is our producer machine.

2 Remote Callers


On the producer machine both remote callers are fluid/usual bandwidth fluctuations.

On the NDI Account one of our remote callers keeps freezing/occasionally not showing picture at all, even when picture is solid on the producer machine.


The producer machine is on a separate pipe with a lot lower bandwidth than our production machine which has around 200Down and 150 Up.


Any ideas on this Microsoft?


This is happening to me too. Teams just suddenly stopped showing people. The only time I can see everyone's faces is if someone is sharing their screen. Then I can see people at the bottom of the screen. I have no problems with bandwidth. I've tried everything that others have tried. I'm guessing this is a bigger issue. 

@SWillett I got the same issue. Workaround for me is that when I pinpoint one participant I see that person large and the others small. It's not a solution though (why isn't there any). I got no problem when just one other participant is in the call. Then I can see the other perfectly.

@Tamara100   Did you find a solution for this?  I am having the same problem.  Everyone can see everyone's camera, but I can only see their initials.  However when someone is sharing their screen I can view everyone's camera.  It's not about my bandwith either. 

I face the same problem too!!
Please share the solution if you find any

@gmoseley everyone had their cameras on. Nobody else in the meeting had the issue and it is not a band width issue. I am on fibre internet with a hard wire connection. All other apps work fine.

no solution yet. So frustrating. I have confirmed it is not a bandwidth issue.



Nope. No solution and still happening and still inconsistent. It makes Teams useless for board meetings. Does Microsoft even monitor these forums? Maybe if we all start swearing someone will notice?

Yes just had this issue today. Was fine then another participant joined (making 3 in conference) and I lost video from both, but they could see each other and me! It isn’t a bandwidth issue i measured 140Mb from my laptop I was using.
It does not look like there is anyone concerned from @microsoftsupport . I was using the App btw.

Another one here too...there are two members of my team that are dealing with the same issue. I say on a call, "everyone share their camera" and the response is, "we are!". This is super frustrating. I am on a Mac and thought that was the issue but looks like the issue is OS agnostic. I deleted Teams and then reinstalled it and still dealing with it.

@Tamara100 I am facing the same issue this week.  IT just suddenly started happening.  If anyone finds a solution please post.  Finally, we had users started to use camera and this issue pops up.  I also don't think it's bandwidth issue.  I have also noticed, sometimes, i cannot see my own camera like i use to before.  It's frustrating so any solution would be much appreaciated.

How is this marked as the best response? I understand that this is what it looks like when other people do not have their cameras on, but they DO have their cameras on and they can see each other's and my camera but I cannot see their videos/cameras unless they are presenting or i switch the gallery setting. Then I can see all the cameras, but don't want that setting as cameras are small.