Org-Wide Team Creation

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Hello! We're getting ready to create our first Org-Wide Team, and am wondering how others have handled their creation:

1. A user needs to be a GA to create an Org-Wide Team (or convert an existing Team to Org-Wide).

2. Org-Wide Teams must be created/converted **from the Teams client** (NOT from the M365 Teams Admin Center).

3. Because of 1 & 2, at a minimum the GA creating the Org-Wide Team must have a Teams license - but we typically don't license our GA accounts. We can temporarily assign a license to a GA account; then log in as the GA and use the Teams web app to create/convert the Org-Wide Team; then assign a few licensed users as Owners of the new Org-Wide Team; then remove the Teams license from the GA account since the new Owners should be able to handle any "Team Owner tasks" going forward --- however, this process seems pretty circuitous.

Can anyone share how their org has navigated the creation of an Org-Wide Team?



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@SW-SoCo2 please refer to the below link where you can find all the prerequisites needed and the 2 available methods to create an org-wide teams


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Hello and thanks for the link, but that's what we've been working from! I understand the methods mentioned... what I was hoping to avoid was granting a GA account a Teams license and having to use the Teams app as a GA --- just to be able to "flip the switch" on an Org-Wide Team; however, it seems that's simply the process currently, and what we're doing!