New Teams: No notification badges in system tray

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When I activate New Teams, I give up having a notification badge in my system tray.


do get notification badges in the taskbar when Teams is minimized there, but not when it's closed and in the system tray.


Notifications are turned on in Teams, but interestingly, the System > Notifications & actions setting has a toggle only for "Microsoft Teams Classic." Is that what's missing? I'm still getting the option to switch between new and old Teams. Not sure if that's a Microsoft thing or an organization thing. Will that right itself once New Teams is the only option?

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welcome to the Microsoft community, my name is Recep I'll be happy to help you today.

I understand that you do not get notification badges in the taskbar when New Teams is minimized.

  1. According to the document, you could check your Teams notification settings and make sure they are enabled.
  2. Check and update Teams client.
  3. Try to uninstall and reinstall Teams.
  4. Try clear the Teams cache from your device.

    Here is how to clear the teams cache
    Sign out on Teams > Quit Microsoft Teams by right clicking the icon and select Quit.
    2. On your keyboard, Hold Windows key and Press R
    3. Cut and paste %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams in the RUN then OK.
    4. Delete the contents of the entire folder.
    5. Restart Microsoft Teams > Sign In.

    Also note that the new Teams has full feature parity for almost all features including custom line-of-business apps, third-party apps, breakout rooms, 7x7 video, call queues, PSTN calling, contextual search in chats and channels, cross-post a channel conversation, and more.

    If you'd like to switch back to classic Teams, it's easy to toggle back and forth. To switch back to the classic Teams, turn off the New Teams toggle at the top of Teams which is currently still a Microsoft thing as the new team is currently still in the roll out phase which will right itself as soon as all the features have been implemented.


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Hello @Recep_Gencaslan695, and thank you so much for responding.

My settings in Teams have Notifications turned on for everything but likes.

I've done everything you suggested except for uninstalling and reinstalling Teams, as that is controlled by my very slow IT department. Although I couldn't uninstall, I did go to Settings > Apps and run a Repair.

I also see they had a Reset button. Is that the same as deleting the cache?

The document you referenced was for classic Teams, and I'm not having any trouble with classic Teams. Though it did lead me to realize that the conversation menu was missing some elements, such as Save, Copy Link, Send to Outlook, Translate, Immersive Reader, and of course, Turn off Notifications. We could really use the translation feature, since we're an international company.

Might this indeed have something to do with the Windows 10 Settings > Notifications, where there's a toggle for Microsoft Teams Classic but not for Microsoft Teams New? There's a toggle for both new and classic Outlook. (Though why anyone would want the new Outlook I can't fathom. Oh well, discussion for another forum.)

To recap, here are my questions:
1. In Settings > Apps > Teams, is Reset the same as deleting the cache?
2. Is the lack of Notification Settings for New Teams the possible source of the problem?
3. Is this a known issue? I've seen mentions of it elsewhere on the interwebs.

Many thanks,

Shelley List


Kindly see answers to your questions below

1. Resetting Teams application is different from clearing teams cache as resetting the teams application will delete the teams data which might also require you to log in to teams again.

After further investigation, i was meant to understand that the new teams version is still in development and not yet performing to its full potentials as Microsoft is working on improving the UI to make it clearer for customers. 

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All -

This information is off-point. As posted here: , Microsoft has for some reason removed the connection between Teams and Windows for notifications. The page specifically says:

What features are changing?

As we improved the client, the experience also improved to align with similar features. Here are some of the changes you see.

Classic Teams

New Teams

Post level notifications within a channel

Users can no longer opt in or opt out of receiving notifications at a channel post level.

Windows notifications

Teams notifications are now fully served from Teams and all notifications preferences are handled within Teams Settings.

I don't know why Microsoft considers this an "improvement", but since fixing this isn't on their roadmap, the only thing we can do is send feedback and complaints to try to get their attention on this.


@GlenB The first versions of the new Teams client did use Windows notifications, and it was universally unpopular with test users, people really aren't used to/want to manage their windows notifications so ended up missing things.


If you use the browser version of Teams it will then have to use browser/windows notifications if you want to try it out.

Huh. I'm confused. What do you call a notification? I'm just looking for the little red dot on the system tray/taskbar icon that tells me I need to look at Teams to see the new message.

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@Steven Collier - I'm not trying to be argumentative here, and don't get me wrong, I love Microsoft and I love Teams, but Windows' built-in notification system is used (almost universally) by (almost all) other apps, including Teams Personal. As I know you know, it's been a thing since before Windows 11. Saying that people aren't used to managing windows notifications doesn't really hold water, because it's a universal and well-documented thing on Windows.

In the Windows notifications scheme, I could control how the banner appeared, how it behaved, and how it sounded. You can't do that in the current setup.

But most importantly of all - under the new setup, notifications do not persist! If I walk away from my computer, and someone sends me a chat, the banner will pop up, sit for 5 seconds, and fade away, leaving NO trace whatsoever. In the Windows notification scheme, my little "alarm bell" icon would light up, and I could open the notification flyout to see my notifications. Now, you can't do that. Because Teams doesn't tie into Windows anymore, Teams notifications don't persist or even exist in the flyout. So if I step away, it could be quite a while before I see the notification.

This is why I consider this a negative. I'd love to see the data that leads to the assertion of "universally unpopular" because when I "Bing" around for "Teams Notifications" the only complaints I see are complaints about this current version, and how people don't like it. It is my opinion that Microsoft went too far in the wrong direction, and I echo the sentiment of others who state that this makes New Teams "not ready for prime time" yet.
@ASF - The only way you can get that now is to turn notifications on in New Teams settings... AND be sure to leave your Teams Window open or minimized all the time. The circle will show up on the main part of the taskbar if you have a Teams Window open or minimized.

However, if you accidentally close the window, even if Teams is set to run in the background, you will not see any circles, which is exactly what I'm complaining about as well.

@GlenB I registered just to agree with you on this. I don't want Windows notifications, which are clogged with junk anyway - I want the dot on the taskbar icon to tell me if there's something I need to attend to.

OK. So, Teams took away a popular and useful feature. Maybe we should all just go back to Zoom.

@GlenB I think the issue is that many people don't exploit the functionality of Window notifications, and have a frustrating experience with a weird mix of notifications they don't want and get confused by windows managed states like Do Not Disturb. They then report that Teams isn't working.


By all means raise a request and encourage people to vote for is at


Maybe they'll bring back a toggle like they had with the previous client if this is a big issue to enough users. All I'm saying is that it was initially the plan to native Windows notifications for the new client, but lots of people complained.

This has gone waaaay off topic. The original issue was that the little Teams icon in the taskbar in NEW Teams does not show current status or any dots etc for message notifications (it seems to have been replaced by a tiny blue 'NEW' banner). The CLASSIC Teams used to do this. To drag this back on topic - with no ramblings about other unecessary subjects - why doesn't NEW Teams have this feature?! For me it is a deal breaker, as I am constantly missing messages, and cannot quickly check my status (available, DND, away etc). Really stupid of MS not to pull this functionality over from Classic Teams! 

Yep, I agree with @domstrongbow and that's how I found this convo.  My new Teams taskbar pin just says New instead of having the status bar light that can change.  This is so key to my knowing my status on Teams to others, when I deep dive into paper work.  It seems illogical that anyone would care for the word New to be there as it serves no function.  Can the status bar lights please be brought back?   I shudder to think sometimes how software upgrades are done where obvious functionalities like this are deprecated.  

YAY, it's back! Found this page because I saw the same missing functionality - but my "NEW" Teams said there was an update...and now the badge is back in the taskbar! Phew!

You have Microsoft Teams version 23285.3607.2525.937.
You've got the latest version. It was last updated on 11/16/2023.
The client version is 49/23101227712.


I checked with same version and made a test phone call.
Activity bell in the Teams App shows a red 1 in the upper corner but tray icon still shows nothing ("T new" like before)

You have Microsoft Teams version 23285.3607.2525.937.
You've got the latest version. It was last updated on 17.11.2023.
The client version is 49/23101227712.



I had updated too, and only task bar is show icon with circle status. Icon in System Tray is not showing status.
Many messages missed here too because system tray is only showing "new" text in the icon!
@MattLeavitt, you may get the badge in the taskbar, but that means leaving Teams open. It's not in the system tray where it has always been, and been useful.
Leave it to Microsoft to remove the most useful feature of a piece of software. I am forced to use new Teams because "classic" Teams and Windows 11 refuse to work properly with my bluetooth headphones and Yeti microphone. But I miss a ton of messages every day because the systray won't just show MY status or a missed message indicator.
All -

I've done a bit more research, with interesting results. As instructed, my colleagues and I have opened a feedback request here: . Any of you who are experiencing frustration over this issue should consider upvoting that request. I hope they will listen!