New options for Teams troubleshooting (Enable logging for meeting diagnostics)?

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Anybody have ideas how the following new configuration can be used?

Teams - New Logging.png


At least I could not found any new log files arrived, and existing files in my mind did not contains any new information.

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Hi @Petri X 


Right click on your teams icon in the system tray and select Get logs


Thank you for your response, but that was what I did not looking for. As that is a desktop log and does not contains either any extra details.


Here is a link for Teams' logs: Use log files in troubleshooting Microsoft Teams 


Question is still, what extra this configuration can offer?

@Petri X Hey, can't seem to find any official documentation about it either. Will let you know if I stumble across something.

@ChristianBergstrom Great to hear

I also asked on GitHub if they could share something around this, but let see if they have something to be shared.

@Petri X - agreed.  Would like to see what enhancements came with this (if any).


It's almost as if the feature is giving the user to disable logging.  So, maybe Teams was always logging and now users can turn it off?


Not a lot of context with this update.

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Thank you for reaching out, but it was updated 09/25/2017 so the PM’s are being lazy ;) I’ve previously pushed for this page to be updated but still nothing new.


Looks like they have updated that page in this week. Following section is the new section:

Media Logs 


But I still hate this statement:

"They are required for support cases only upon request and can only be inspected by Microsoft."

Hard to believe that they are not willing to share the tool to convert the logs files to text. The logs seems to be written in ULOG format, so why we need to write our own tools to open them? How great it would be if they announce a tool in MSIgnite? :D

Ah.. look at that, I didn’t read the doc as I’ve been there before and only looked at the date. Thanks Petri and my apologies then @ThereseSolimeno ;)

@Scott_Francis , it doesn't seem to be an option for clients in GCC; There is no checkbox to enable logging there.
None of the documentation confirms this, though.

Hi, Teams support here. This option must be enabled in order to collect media logs. Media logs are used to diagnose problems during meetings, usually quality related

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