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Dear Community, I was wondering why Microsoft limited only to four(4) people in a video conference, currently we've had a 15 people to join a townhall in our company but only four persons in a video call are allowed. As far as i know the limit of video calls are up to 20people

Meetings and calls

TABLE 5Feature Maximum limit
Number of people in a meeting250
Number of people in a video or audio call from chat20



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Currently you will only see four active speakers, that will be increased to nine soon (May). So if you are 15 people in the meeting the 4 (9 soon) latest active speakers will be shown with their video.


If you have a group chat you will only be able to start a video conference from that if you are 20 participants or less in that group chat.


If you schedule a meeting or invite to a meeting you can be 250 participants in that meeting.

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hi linus,


thank you for your reply. looking forward in to it.



Hi Linus,

Actually my problem is the opposite :=). Now that they rolled out the 9 video support, Microsoft Surface Go is struggling with decoding and displaying all videos. This results in system being very sluggish and unresponsive. I was wondering if there is a way to limit the number of videos (i.e. 4 as before) that would appear simultaneously on the screen. 

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@atemizel No, I don't think you can change the UI to 2x2 but you could pin a video to only see that video, maybe not a solution. 

Hi Linus,

Just to informed you that we'd see 9 participants in a video conference yesterday.

Thank you for the updates to make 9 video instead of 4. Very much appreciated!

Hopefully it will add more. :)


@Linus Cansby Thanks! 

I'll try this, could be useful in some cases.

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Hello, I want to set up a Teams video call with > 30 participants, but only 2-4 at a time shall actively use Video & Audio, all others shall turn cameras off and go on mute. 

Does someone know if that works?