Missing dialpad/Keypad when on a 3 way call

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Hello everyone, we are using Teams Business Voice for our company and all of us are missing the keypad only when on a 3 way call. One to One is fine and we see the key pad so we can navigate the IVR and key in certain extensions but the key pad is missing when inviting a 3rd party into the call. I'm wondering if this is a known issue or something that we should open a ticket with MS about ?


Our users have been created and assigned the Teams Business Voice License for many month now. We are using the MS Teams Windows 10 Desktop version.


We tried also dialing from the MS Teams web version but it drops the call immediately, so we can not even try there.


We tried also dialing from the MS Teams mobile version, the dialpad option is there but does not do any thing when keying in a number.

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I am seeing the same issue.


I tested with calling two cell phones, between two teams users or teams users and cell phone. Once a 3rd person is added then we loose the dial pad option. So in case you are calling an auto attendant or a cell phone and get a voicemail. you do not have the option to enter the prompts.

This test were made form two different accounts with E5 license and Calling plan.


Looking for a solution as well.


Thank You

I Just wanted to add to this.


As per MS



Upon checking and replicating on our tools. This is a current product limitation. 

The dial pad feature/functionality disappears/becomes not available once the meeting/call have 3 or more participants.



Above was their reply.

Thanks SuryaThapar. Really appreciate it. What's the best way to submit a ticket to MS because for us ( we're a partner it says technical questions are billable! only billing questions are not billable)

Has anyone found a solution to this issue yet?

It seems other people are having the same issue and waiting to see if MS will do an update to add the dial pad on a conference or a call with 3 or more participants.  I would like if we could be informed once this feature is added.  As of today, it is still not available that I can tell.

Yes I just tried to make a 3 way call and the dail paid vanishes after the third party is added. I would very much like to hear back if Microsoft corrects this. 

Same here, sent a message to our tech team, they didn't know what I was talking about.  This is incredibly frustrating when trying to maneuver through an IVR with an additional person on the call with you.

@aollivierre305 Are there any updates to this issue? I see that this post is over a year old, but I am still encountering this issue. 

It's now June 2023 and Microsoft still hasn't updated Teams to include a dial pad when on a 3-ways call with an outside line. This is unacceptable and is really impacting our business. @elineedshelp 

I have a PSTN phone call. I added a second participant. That makes three people on the call together. I could not find the dial pad. I made a call to a 3rd participant which is a company. They asked me to enter a 6 digit code. I was unable to using a dialpad because there isn't one. 

Everyone needs to go here to upvote / comment on this issue. Maybe we can get it on the roadmap. https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/idea/4d52fa6e-ce15-ee11-a81c-000d3a7a48db#comments


I also have the same issue. No dial tone when more than 2 callers. In addition, if I mute one of the callers, I cannot unmute that caller. I have had to end 2 meetings abruptly because of these issues.

Anyone try using a poly, audio codes, or yealink physical phones? Do physical buttons stop working too?


hellow thank you for this suggestion. We have one Yealink phone. It sits at our receptionist station. Can you explain how I would test this machine to make a multiple party conference call. 

thank you 

We just went live on Teams and are running into this issue where we have client on a call and need to dial into an agency with uses IVR and have no way to help our clients.  MS please fix ASAP.  Management is going to come down hard on us about this.

@Scott Lehman So, a workaround is using SIP devices instead of phones with the teams app on them. I ran into this issue as well with our HR department and I converted them over to SIP phones registering to the Microsoft provisioning server.