Microsoft Teams not showing notifications for incoming calls on Mac OS

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Hello all, 


I have received several reports of the Teams client ( on MacOS (10.14.6) not generating any type of notification for incoming calls (teams or voip calls). 




I am running the versions listed above. I was chatting with a colleague of mine via Teams (also on a Mac, with teams client, don't think that's relevant) and I requested him to call me. In the chat window it indicated that he initiate a call, but my teams client on my MacOS didn't make a sound nor did it provide any kind of notification in the app. The strange thing is that I am also running parallels and my Windows VM was active with my teams client logged in and that did receive the notification.  I also have my teams set up to forward the call to my mobile phone, which also rang/notified just fine. 


to recap, I received notifications on the following devices: 

Windows VM with Teams client logged in (running in Parallels) 

My Teams app on my mobile device

and my phone number since my team calls are forwarded. 


I did not receive a notification on the Teams client running on my Mac. My colleague also experiences the same issue. 


Anyone run into this before? 

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Did you check that you don't have a Focus mode on (my Analytics) or windows Focus assistant?
Do you get other notifications?
I'd also check my profile photo - settings and in there notifications and devices - with a test call.

And of course: reinstall of Teams app + cache clearing if caches and app data has become corrupted.

@Vesa Nopanen 


A reinstall of the client on the Mac OS does seem to fix the problem temporarily. Not using MyAnalytics. Thanks though! 

I am glad some of the options worked! :)

@Vesa Nopanen reinstalling did not work for me. I am not aware of any caching in the app and the settings are very high-level. 

What about if you sign in to another computer to use Teams and test it there? Does it help?
Just trying to fork the issue, is it a computer/app related or perhaps something totally different.

@Vesa Nopanen 

I used all troubleshooting suggested above, elevated security too and no change.

Any idea what else could be the reason?


Important to mention that after reinstall it worked for maybe x1 day but then without doing any changes, the issue came back again.


Using the recent Teams version

OSX Catalina 10.15.4


Thanks for your time!



I am wondering what is hindering the notifications from showing up. If it is something that is fully Mac related I don't think I have more guesses. Windows has Focus assist that can be enabled and it prevents Windows notifications from showing up. 


I suggest you open up a ticket with Microsoft to have better changes to find out what would be the cause. I am sorry I couldn't help. 


Hi @iwannaknow, same issue here. OS Catalina 10.15.4, MS Teams get notifications for everything except incoming calls. I only get a notification for a missed call afterward. My colleagues get a message that i am unavailable when trying to call me. I tried on iOS with the MS Teams app and i get incoming calls notifications on the phone. My status is available on iOS, OS and web app. I tried to look everywhere on the Mac but i am running out of ideas now: any new tips? Is it a known Mac issue?

By the way, why does MS Teams do not appear as an app on "System Preferences - Notifications" whereas it is visible as Microsoft Teams Helper on "System Preferences - Security & Privacy - Privacy - Camera (also Microphone)". 

Thanks for the help!

Experiencing the same on macOS bigsur @TheoMac 

we are having the same issue on MacOS 11.2 with Cisco AnyConnect @TheoMac 

@ have the same issue here in Windows 10 Teams ver