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shouldn't I be able to "resolve" external people in this "give permissions to' -  what am I missing if I can't?  (normally I can invite external guests)  


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Hi @Taen keren  The People and Groups still requires you to designate specific people outside of your organization.  If you want anyone - internal or external - to be able to use the attendee link then you have to make the meeting Public.  Take a look at the middle of this doc:

@ThereseSolimeno thx, but not quite following - can you elaborate? - If I want to invite a guest user I can't use the "people & groups" - I need to choose the public in the Original post ?  - or am I misunderstanding?  - I don't understand the sentence in italic below - what "happens" exactly? 

Everyone Users can create live events that everyone, including people outside your organization, can attend. This setting enables the Public permission type in Teams when a user schedules a live event.


Right now when I click the participant link I get this: 
you need permission to join this live event. please contact the organizer

Hi again @Taen keren 


If you know the actual email alias of the person you want to invite, you can use People and Groups and list that alias specifically - for example,  If you don't know the email alias but anyone at the Coca Cola Company can attend, you have to designate the event as Public.


You'd still be sending the attendee link to your distribution list for access to the meeting and they can forward that link to others in their organization if appropriate.


@ThereseSolimeno  - thx - using the People & groups  - but facing the 


You need permission to join this live event. Please contact the organiser


and in the create live event scheduler 


Some attendees won't be able to view the event - try updating your event under Edit Event -> Settings - when doing that - there's "check email" on all the externals 

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It really should do a better job of specifying that in the UI/UX, but only guests can join with specific people option not external users. So they must already be a guest in one of your Teams and in the tenant for you to invite them and they be able to join a restricted Teams live event.

So you must select "Public" and give out the join URL in order for externals to join a live event at this point in time.

Hope this helps.

@Chris Webb  thx, Chris - I almost lost my mind over this :D