🤝 How to use Microsoft Loop to supercharge your Teams meeting notes



The new meeting notes will be shown on the right pane of the meeting window with the ability to open them in the browser for more room or on a second monitor. 

Participants can collaborate in real time, create an agenda, take notes, and add tasks. 

When participants are assigned a task in the meeting, they will also receive an email notification and it will be synchronized with the Planner and To Do apps. 

Meeting organizers will also see an ability to add Collaborative notes before meetings, to prepare by adding agendas or other materials in one place. 

After the meeting, Collaborative notes will remain accessible for all participants on the Teams calendar meeting details page. The experience is a Loop component, so they can be copied easily out of the meeting and into chats, group chats, emails, and other documents.  

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@Giuliano De Luca 



I must be missing something obvious here - the agenda option isn't even showing up for me in meetings (existing or new). I can't figure out if there's something I need to enable in the admin center?


The Teams client itself is fully up to date.


Microsoft is still rolling out this feature, it will be available soon for everybody
What happens to the old wiki based meeting notes?
Hi Kevin,
This will be replaced

@Giuliano De Luca - So the two questions which have always prevented me from telling all of my teams (small T LOL) to utilize Teams meeting notes are:


  1. If the meeting was a recurring meeting not in a Teams (capital "T" this time) Channel, if that meeting gets deleted or replaced, all of those notes go away as well.
  2. The person who created the meeting and started the meeting notes is the only one who can physically "search" for key words when they are trying to recall something.  All other participants cannot seem to find the meeting notes when searching.

If the new addition of using Loop, solves these issues....I'm all in but I can't seem to find anything saying this is any different than before.


What must I do to add an agenda to recurring meetings?  I asked the meeting owner to add the agenda, but it only appears on today's instance of the meeting.

@Giuliano De Luca 

First, thank you for the video and for explaining it clearly.


I am not sure this is the right place for my question. Please let me know if there is community support for this feature.

Is there a recommendation on how to handle recurrent meetings?
In more detail, the ability to:


  1. set up the same meeting agenda over a recurrency of meeting, which will have different minutes and actions per session.
  2. setup different meeting agenda in advance of different meetings in a recurrence. e.g. this week's agenda is A and next week's agenda is B. I would define this at the start of the moment.
  3. when using it I found that I have to be the meeting organizer to be able to add an agenda to a scheduled meeting. Is there a way that this could be collaborative, e.g. attendees would input to the meeting agenda?

Thank you


Hi @ruka,


You can nominate Co-Organizers to the meeting so they can help you setting it up.

If you need a recurring meeting, as you said you should write an incremental agenda, for example date xx.xx.xxxx and then below the agenda and so on. 

This is why I always recommend not canceling meetings
The agenda is available to be edited also before the meeting starts.

@Giuliano De Luca 

We leverage Teams Channel meetings at our organization, When will Collaborative Meeting Notes be available for Channel meetings? We would like to start using Collaborative Meeting Notes in Channel meetings, this would be a game changer for our organization. Thanks

Meeting notes is not available in the channel meeting, but you can add in the meeting chat a Loop Component to handle your agenda, tasks and follow up

@Giuliano De Luca, this is all great but what happend with the meeting notes, tasks loop component if the user who created the meeting notes leaves the company and his account is deleted or license revoked?


Hi @Martin-Coupal,

In that case the organizer can nominate a Co-Organizer of the meeting, so he/she will become the new organizer when the previous one leaves. 

@Giuliano De Luca but how will this move the organizer OneDrive meeting loop files to the co-organizer OneDrive?

When the organizer's account is deactivated or removed from Active Directory for example
Very interesting! Is this documented somewhere because this information is very important to know and should be a best practice to add co-organizers.
Question: If you have multiple co-organizers, will it be the first one in the list who will be the new organizer if the previous one leaves?
How does this new feature work in a recurring meeting? I have initiated it in a meeting where our notes were kept in the previous notes feature (wiki). We found our old notes and copied them into the new Loop meeting notes and then added notes for the meeting we were in. At the next meeting, those notes did not seem to stay with the recurrence. We had to go back to the previous invite to see the notes. This seems very much like losing key meeting functionality.

I saw the problem where the notes which were not strike through got copied, but the tasks were lost as it created a new instance of the loop, this happens when we open the calendar invite from the MS teams app on the current days invite - it auto generates today's loop but does not copy the tasks which are remaining.