How to delete a cancelled meeting message within a team chat?

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I've scheduled a meeting on Teams for one of the teams however, I created it for the wrong one. I have now cancelled that meeting and have created it for the correct team however, when I delete the activity feed message within the team chat it still shows the message saying "This message has been deleted. The meeting "test" has been cancelled". 


I can't seem to find a way to delete the message completely. 

Screenshot 2021-06-14 121412.png


Many thanks. 

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Hello, this should be a case of sync not being done and will eventually be removed automatically. I know there's a massive thread in here about that particular issue and what usually fix it is a quit/sign out of Teams, and/or clear of Teams cache. If it still hasn't disappeared until tomorrow you should probably raise a support ticket with Microsoft, your IT admin can assist with that.



Did you ever get this figured out? Having the same issue.

Same issue here - have quit, signed out, cleared cache, etc. And months later, the post remains. Just checking to see if anyone has found an answer other than a support ticket.
Came across this a while back - someone created a Teams meeting with a sensitive subject, but when they cancelled the meeting the message remained and could not be deleted.

If I recall correctly, my research at the time indicated that when a Teams meeting is created in Teams, it's the system that creates it rather than a user which was stopping the full deletion from happening. Not sure if this applies in your case, but that is what we found.

In our case, this was in the all company general channel, but before Teams was widely rolled out. We sorted it in our case by applying a retention policy to the channel which deleted the message once it kicked in. As the channel wasn't in use, there wasn't anything the client wanted to save - I appreciate this won't help in the majority of situations for people.
I'm glad that worked out for you. Unfortunately, we've eclipsed the retention policy here and the post remains. Interestingly, there are a couple of replies underneath the post. If I attempt to delete those individually, it's met with a "Delete Failed" message also.