📊How to create a ranking poll in Microsoft Teams



The Ranking question type is now being added to the Polls app within Microsoft Teams. 

This feature is a quick and easy way to increase meeting engagement and collect information from attendees. 

For example, if you want to poll attendees on how well they understood the meeting content or how satisfied they are with the meeting, you can now do so directly in Microsoft Teams. 

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Excellent news! Thanks for posting for the community.

@Giuliano De Luca , it looks like this type of poll is only available in a teams call. Will it be available in Teams channels?

Hi @Semanej,

Currently this is only available in the meeting, probably will come also for Teams channel, but I'm not 100% sure.
To add a Ranking question, click the More button (...), and then select Ranking. Enter the text you want to display for the question and each of the choices. Click Add Option (1) to add more choices than the default two choices. Click the Correct Answer check box button (2) next to each correct answer.
Rachel Gomez

How hard could it be to have the same functionality in both Teams meetings and Teams channels? 

Considering that polls would likely provide the most value when reaching a larger sample size, don't you think this is more probable in channels than meetings?

@Giuliano De Luca - No matter what we do, we don't see "Polls" when trying to add a tab, only when we use the "meatball" menu at the bottom of the chat.


This is ridiculously unwieldy.

If you want to add a survey or poll as a tab in Teams you have to use the Forms app, I know this can be confusing, but this is currently how it works.

@Giuliano De Luca 
Is this still not an option in chats/channels? Is there any other way to create ranking polls in Teams? 
Meetings are too expensive to meet for the purpose of serving a ranking poll, and it doesn't make sense to pay for an external form service that serves the same purpose as what Teams can only do in meetings.

Good tool, unfortunately only useful for ranking very short lists..@Giuliano De Luca