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How do I set up toll free numbers for Teams? / help with audio confereence

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Hey there, so I've read through all the documentation and I still don't understand. 

Calling plans, o365 phone system, CAP, communication credits , audio conference add on??


Here's what am trying to do and want to know what the requirements are and how to fulfil those requirements if someone could assist please and explain it for my muppet self. 


- use Teams for meetings with internal and external people - including the option to dial in toll free , globally.  


- is there a way to have an equivalents of the poly com spider phones in a room for a call backed in a team meeting.  Phones compatible with it ? how do they work to get you into a team meeting ?


some stuff seems to send you skype for business way, i assume that's ok ?   

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Hi @Gabriel McColl 


First you'll need a license for Audio Conferencing, this is included in E5 or available separately as an add on. This provides toll number dialin to Teams meetings. To add toll-free on top of this you need to buy Communication Credits as there is a charge per minute for use of free numbers. The rates are dependent on many factors, but you can download the price from


For conference phones Polycom, Yealink and Crestron have Teams compatible devices, see here


I would also suggest looking at the more complete Teams Room Systems that would also send and receive video in your rooms, see

Hi @Gabriel McColl,


There's nothing special you need to do to use Teams to meet with external people. When a user schedules the meeting, they just enter the email address of each participant. The recipients will be able to join using the link in the meeting invitation whether they are internal or external.


@Steven Collier is correct that Audio Conferencing is what you need to have participants be able to dial in to a meeting. The documentation about it is here. You will see there are two types of number that can be used to dial in: dedicated phone numbers and shared phone numbers. If you want a "toll-free number" (e.g. a 1-800 number in North America) you need to obtain a toll-free Service Number and assign it as a conference bridge. Since toll-free numbers have a per-minute cost associated with them, you also need to purchase Communication Credits to fund it.


However, when you say you want people to be able to dial in "toll free, globally", it sounds like you're looking to use the shared phone numbers Microsoft makes available world-wide. Again, there is nothing special you need to do here. In the meeting invitation, the number shown will be the default number assigned to the meeting organizer, but there will also be a "Local numbers" link that the recipient can use to see the list of the shared numbers. 


As for hardware for a conference room, the Polycom equivalent for the "spider phone" that works with Teams would be the Trio 8500 or 8800. There are similar devices from other manufacturers. Here's how they work: you may be familiar with the concept of a "room mailbox", where a meeting organizer can book a meeting room by adding it to the meeting invitation. When you have a Teams-compatible conference phone, you sign in to the device using this room mailbox. When the meeting organizer schedules a Teams meeting and adds the room mailbox to the meeting invitation, the device receives the invitation. Then, at the scheduled meeting time, a "Join" button appears on the device's display that allows the meeting organizer to connect to the meeting.


Note that the Trio is an audio-only device when used with Teams. If you want to have video as well, you will want to look into a Teams Room solution.

@Ryan Steele @Steven Collier ,


The above was helpful so I have non-profit issue, therefore everything has to be cost effective. 


We have a UK mobile and would like to port this into teams then set this up on an then if any calls are received from that number it polls out to all those users that are connected to the group that look after that email.  That way many can answer the call instead of the one currently. 


Also with E5 if we take this up and are all calls both incoming and outgoing included in the package i.e. no additional cost for calling plans on a monthly basis.  


If the porting and the above wont work, would it work if we selected a number with 020 (UK London area code) at the start.  


I hope the above is self explanatory.





@AJ-WDRC First of all, if you are an eligible non-profit, you are hopefully aware of, where you can get discounts on software including Office 365.


Second, if you are a smaller organization, you should look at the Microsoft 365 Business Voice package that is now available in the UK:


There are essentially two ways of allowing multiple users to answer a call to a specific number. The main method is with a Call Queue, where the caller hears a greeting and then hold music while the call is offered to the users you have designated as Call Agents. The other way is with Group Call Pickup, which is really intended for individual users to answer calls on their behalf, but may also suit your needs.


I would recommend signing up for a Phone System trial and requesting some temporary numbers so you can test the system out for yourself.



@Ryan Steele thanks.


The "Microsoft shared phone numbers" you referred are assigned automatically when you add audio conferncing right (if it is available in your region, in this case I am talking about Canada). And also, just the local call fees will apply?


I am finding different information around the toll-free numbers:


1. In the link, it shows as if you were required to add phone system to use toll-free numbers and not just audio conferencing.

2. How many toll-free numbers do you need to add? If I have let's say 50 users, do I need 50 toll-free numbers (supposing I have 50 different calls) or the toll-free numbers are service numbers just used to connect but they could accommodate all the calls for that number of users?

@CarlosMtl Yes, the Microsoft shared phone numbers are assigned automatically, and there is no additional cost for using them (other than what the phone company may charge the caller, e.g. long distance).


No, you don't need Phone System to get a toll-free number for Audio Conferencing. As stated at the link you shared, the number of toll-free numbers you can request depends on the total number of Phone System and Audio Conferencing licenses you have. If you have zero Phone System licenses and one Audio Conferencing license, you can get up to five toll-free numbers. You will only need one toll-free number, however, as it can be shared by all of your users with Audio Conferencing licenses.


To be clear, you will need to purchase Communication Credits as well, to cover the per-minute charge for any calls to that toll-free number.