Hide Attendees List in Teams Webinar

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Hello community, 


We are having a webinar this week and realize that within the webinar screen, everyone is able to see the list of people who are attending the event. 


Is this a feature available at this time?

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It's not currently possible, but the feature is on the Roadmap and should be coming in the next few months.

@aldoiscgroup You should create the meeting as a Live Event versus a Teams Meeting.  Then yes, presenters and producers are shown.   It becomes more a webinar that way, but then audio and video of attendees is not an option as well.  

@Jeff-K . While Live Event solves hiding participants, it doesn't allow you to sent out invitations/control registrations.

@Vasil Michev 

I’m still waiting for this feature. Showing other participants to each other in a webinar is simply not an acceptable. What is the timeline to roll it out. I am paying for an additional Zoom Webinar license just because this feature is not available in Teams yet. 

I completely agree - this is such a small change in the grand scheme of things yet we're still waiting. There shouldn't be something so basic that is missing or has us using different products because our base product isn't capable of doing it. That's crazy.

If I have a webinar, where I want audio or video, I should be albe to control if other recipients are shown or not. Even the chat, doesn't cover simple features that WebEx has had for two decades. I should be able to offer chat to only presenters\hosts but not to each other. The foundation items should not take months and months to get to Teams. Meanwhile, you're adding and consuming development time on useless features or rarely used features.
Hello, is the feature now available?
I hope so!
Thank you.
It's awful that Microsoft didn't think about it. How is it possible?