GIF not working

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one of our colleagues has a problem with gifs in Teams.


The gifs in his chats are not playing. They're just shown like a picture.


Any help would be very much appreciated.

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@Timo_Schuldt  - Please check the behavior from Teams web. I believe you might have tried deleting Teams cache and checked it - Delete Teams cache . Does this issue reflect on teams mobile. Also check for Different laptop.

@Deleted Thanks for your response.

It's not working on the desktop or web app, but on the mobile app it's working.

Any suggestions how to get it fixed for the desktop app?

@Timo_Schuldt - This could be due to slow net speed issues, Have we tried on different network like on cell phone network or different LAN. Have we tested on different laptop ? what is the behaviour. Try to run below connectivity test - 

(If we have single affected user then this would rather not make any difference .. running the connectivity test)

Still not working. Any other recommendations?
Hey Timo, when listing the Gifs the Teams client typically executes request directly to servers and if your network is blocking that, then that may be the cause here. You could validate it by running a Fiddler trace, while reproducing the issue. Another possible cause could be that the "Use Giphys in conversations" is disabled on Messaging Policies by your IT admin.

I'd advise you to share your concern with Giphy directly -, if the above suggestions do not bring resolution.