Enabling Microsoft Teams Room for Meeting Forwarding and Adding External Parties

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Hello Microsoft Community,


I hope you are all doing well! I'm reaching out with a query related to Microsoft Teams Rooms and some specific functionalities we are trying to enable. We are looking for guidance on how to allow all users to forward meetings and add external parties to our Microsoft Teams Rooms.


Our organization has recently adopted Microsoft Teams Rooms to enhance collaboration and communication, but we've encountered some challenges in configuring these rooms to meet our specific needs. We have two primary requirements:


1. Meeting Forwarding: We want all users to have the capability to forward meetings scheduled in our Microsoft Teams Rooms to other team members. This feature is important for flexibility and ensuring that meetings are effectively managed.


2. Adding External Parties: Additionally, we want to enable the ability to add external parties (e.g., clients, partners) to our Microsoft Teams Room meetings via forwarding the email. This is crucial for our external collaborations and ensuring seamless communication.


We've been exploring the Teams admin settings and documentation, but we haven't been able to find clear instructions on how to achieve these objectives. Has anyone successfully configured their Microsoft Teams Rooms to enable these features? If so, could you please share your insights, guidance, or any steps that worked for you?


We would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice you can offer. Your experience and expertise would be invaluable in helping us make the most of Microsoft Teams Rooms for our organization.

Thank you in advance for your contributions and support!


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Hi @UtsavP,

you cantry to use PowerShell to configure meeting forwarding, add external parties to Microsoft Teams Rooms meetings, and allow third-party meetings for Teams Room devices. The provided PowerShell commands are suitable for making these configurations. 

  1. To enable meeting forwarding for a Teams Room mailbox, you can use the following PowerShell command:


Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity "RoomMailboxName" -AllowCalendarInviteForwarding $true


  1. To allow external parties in Teams Room meetings, use this PowerShell command:


Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity "RoomMailboxName" -AllowExternalMeetingParticipants $true


  1. To configure Teams Room devices to allow third-party meetings, you can use the following PowerShell command:


Set-CsTeamsRoom -Identity "RoomName" -AllowThirdPartyMeeting $true



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Leon Pavesic

This answer appears to be AI generated and should be removed. Neither the AllowCalendarInviteForwarding nor the AllowExternalMeetingParticipants parameters exist on the Set-CalendarProcessing cmdlet. And the Set-CsTeamsRoom cmdlet doesn't exist at all.